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Image by We Are Origami / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Over the past five years in the beauty/hair and makeup industry there has been quite a few changes!
First of all the ever so changing social media platform has grew from connecting with friends to connecting customers to businesses. I’ve never been a tech savvy person but over the years, I’ve had to force myself to learn digital marketing, work out how this all works and how I can implement it into my business. I must say just like a lot of things it was a real struggle at first, trying to find out the most commonly used apps to introduce my business without sounding like I’m desperate to my target audience within Australia as well as overseas.

Image by Two Peaches Photography 

There are so many things that I had to take into consideration, such as posting content at different times of the day, the art of hashtagging, what to post and how it’s relevant to my target audience and how to keep them interested.

Image by Jenny Sun Photography / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Throughout the years I’ve learnt the day you stop learning is the day your business will go downhill. The power of social media and how it can affect and influence one’s thinking is incredible. I was never an active user on personal social media, and would never have thought about utilising this tool to broaden my business. But now, I don’t think I can live without it! Most of my international bookings all come from social media!

Image by Jenny Sun Photography / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Especially in my industry, there are always new and up coming hair and makeup artists, so I had to think of ways to keep on top of my game and implement changes to stand out from the crowd.  From a one man team to over 10 staff and growing in the span of a few years, we are always changing our approach in our artistry, keeping up with trends but still keeping my signature style, which is natural, effortless and beautiful. But one thing that hasn’t changed, and will not change is our approach to making all of our clients happy.

Image by We Are Origami / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Ms Zigzag says: Thanks so much to Amy Chan for taking the time to sit down with us to chat business and digital marketing. We are so proud of her continuous success. 

About the author Amy Chan Hair and Makeup: Sydney Bridal Hair and Makeup Amy Chan is Sydney’s leading Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist who is internationally published and widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. She has over 17 years experience in the Bridal and Fashion industry and has covered engagements nationally and internationally.


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