Leticia & Matthew’s Intimate Matilda Bay Wedding

Leticia has some really solid advice for engaged couples reading this edition of Inspired Words today. Strap in and listen up, we’re loving these words of wisdom.

Be clear on your must haves, your would be nice to haves and drop the rest. No one else’s opinion matters, especially if you are paying for the majority of the cost. There will always be well meaning guests who want you to ramp it up more or tone it down more – we had a couple guests tell us we must add this and that to the wedding or we would regret not having the aspects of a wedding they valued, while others were saying we should be doing things cheaper and simpler or we would regret being so extravagant. Accept you can’t win everyone over and do it your way.

Our way was after some thorough research where we wrote down nearly 300 aspects/items that come with a wedding: from rings to petal cones, wedding dress coat hangers to honeymoon massages. Every last thing we could think of. We then quickly knocked out over half of the items we considered fluff and then ranked the rest. The top 5 things (ceremony location, rings, celebrant, food & honeymoon accomodation) became priority and we distributed the rest of our budget down the remaining ‘nice to have list’ as far as we could. We cut the rest.

When we were tempted or pressured to add extras in we would go to the list and remember why we cut it out. We ended up with the wedding we wanted and it came in just under budget.Intimate Matilda Bay Wedding052 Intimate Matilda Bay Wedding055 Intimate Matilda Bay Wedding056 Intimate Matilda Bay Wedding062 Intimate Matilda Bay Wedding070