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Let your wild side run free and try something a little different for your honeymoon. If you and your partner are up for an adventure then a honeymoon in the Amazon is perfect for you. Admire the tall green trees of the world’s largest rainforest and share an experience like no other. Here are some of our top picks for your honeymoon trip of a lifetime.

What to do:


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Take a 4, 5 or 8 day cruise where you’ll be able to unwind and relax as you listen to nature awaken in the jungle beside you. Enjoy modern ammenities like a sun deck, bar and hot tubs while you journey through highlights like the Yasuni National Park, Cuyabeno National Park and of course the Amazon Jungle.

Observation Towers

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For a view like no other visit Cristalino Lodge where you’ll find two observation towers at a staggering 50 metres in height! Take in the different layers of the forest from the ground all the way into the canopy and see if you can spot a white-whiskered spider monkey or a macaw.


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For a honeymoon full of purpose and meaning why not try volunteering. There are plenty of positions you could try including Forest Ranger, Herpetofauna Conservation Research, Primate Conservation, Mammal Research, Drone Mapping and more! What better team mate to have by your side as you save the world than your newlywed.

Where to Stay 

Treehouse Lodge

Enjoy river views where you might even see pink dolphins at the Treehouse Lodge. Treehouse number 10 is our pick as it has the best views, a private balcony and a king bed that you could lay in all day!

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During your stay three meals a day will be included, a personal guide, mosquito nets and multiple daily excursions.

Anavilhanas Lodge 

Immerse yourself into the rainforest without missing any of your usual creature comforts. Anavilhanas Lodge is located within the Anavilhanas national park which is home to more than 400 islands. The hotel boasts ammenities such as air conditioning, forest views, free standing tubs and hot showers. There’s also a swimming pool, bar, observation deck delicious cuisine and more. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

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We love the panoramics rooms where you can enjoy views of the lush green rainforest through a 10m long glass wall.

 Image via Anavilhanas Lodge 

With so much beauty to explore you will not be disappointed with a honeymoon in the Amazon Rainforest. Don’t forget your camera, there will be some amazing photo opportunities on this trip.

Ms Zigzag says: A honeymoon in the Amazon would be a truly incredible experience! Romantic and eye opening- a trip to cherish forever.