Catherine & Dave

The bright graffiti and contrast of the ports of Newcastle gave such a brilliant juxtaposition to the Newcastle waterside engagement photos captured by Gez Xavier Mansfield.  Why not make the most of the location you live and embrace its own amazing character after all? The docks, the backdrop of working boats and brick walls are so very “Newcastle”.
The happy couple, who met, perhaps aptly, while working together at a construction company, bonded over their lunch hours, Catherine explaining “We used to go and get lunch together. I think we both purposely “forgot” our lunch almost every day to have an excuse to hang out.”

On what she loves about her husband to be, Catherine tells “I love that Dave can always make me laugh, and there’s never a day where I’m with him when I don’t have a smile on my face. Dave loves that I am “sweet, caring and intelligent, and he loves making me laugh. He loves that we’re happy doing anything together whether it’s going out with friends or sitting on the couch watching a movie.”

Dave proposed in New Zealand, Catherine explaining “We got engaged in February 2017 in Queenstown, New Zealand. Dave decided we should get up early in the morning and go for a walk around town to check out the city. We walked into the CBD and got a coffee, then walked out through Queenstown Gardens around Lake Wakatipu. Dave was laughing suspiciously hard at my terrible jokes and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Says Catherine “Neither of us is really what you’d call big romantics, but we both try and find little thoughtful things to do for each other.”

Catherine says, of their upcoming wedding “We’re both looking forward to enjoying the day with all our friends and family. It will be the most incredible feeling having all the people we love in one place to help us celebrate. We’re also really excited to have everyone come back to the property for brunch on the morning after the wedding for our recovery party!”

Catherine tells “I first fell in love with Dave’s sense of humour – he genuinely makes me laugh every day, and I’m always smiling whenever I’m with him.”