Neale and Maciej
How did you meet?

Neale: We met in London. We both lived there for about 10 years. Some might know the bar in Clapham (South London) called ‘The Two Brewers’. It was Halloween weekend. I walked in the door of the bar after leaving a house party with friends and immediately saw him across the room (as Maciej did me) and immediately fell in love.

How did we meet? Cont…

It’s that whole cliché of “love at first sight”. I walked straight up to him and handed him a gold, paper star that I’d taken from the house party and walked away again *(there’s nothing like playing hard to get). I’d written on the back of it “You know you want me” before leaving the house as a bit of a tongue and cheek joke, but as it turned out, this time, really wanted it to be true. We “bumped” back into each other later that night and, let’s just say that Maciej felt the same way and the rest is history.

What do you love about each other?

Neale: We are very different people and I think that we balance each other out. Maciej is very kind and has a big heart and a much bigger emotional side (which is arguably more mature than mine). He is happier to take life a little easier and enjoys cuddling up on the couch, whereas I am more pragmatic and more of an extrovert.

What’s the secret to a long term loving relationship?
Neale: I think that every relationship takes hard work at times. No relationship is always smooth going, but if you love each other, you will work through those difficulties. Ultimately you come out the other side stronger and more in love. I think people in relationships (gay or otherwise) are constantly learning about each other and even about themselves as we change and grow as couples and individuals. It’s important to recognise this and help each other out when things are tough. My parents always said that it’s really important to be friends first and I think that we’re a lot like that.

Why did you choose this style of shoot for your engagement photos?

Neale: We have known Lowina for a couple of years, as a former Fashion Designer herself, Lowina has always been very artistic and unique in person, full of positive energy and creative ideas. We love how Lowina acts like a stylist / art director on the day and Derek took photos without us knowing. We saw their portfolio before and love their moody / vintage film like colour, dark tone, and we can see how she communicate with every client like an old friend rather than just a number, she was more excited about our engagement party than us, haha.

Where did the engagement shoot take place?

Tell us about the photographer?

Derek @ Black Avenue Productions – PHD in Civil Engineering, professor at Monash University, Derek has also been a fan of photography and has been a freelance photographer for years until he finally decided to follow his heart to open up Black Avenue Productions – dream chaser. His goal is to quit his engineering job to shoot weddings full time before 2019.

Flowers and Cake: CAYK / Limo: Exclusive Limosines

Ms Zigzag says: Congrats to Neale and Maciej. What a wonderful celebration of love. Bring on the wedding. Thanks to Lowina from Black Avenue Production for sharing this happy engagement story with us. 

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