Melissa & Dave

Melissa and Dave chose an intimate ceremony for just their closest family and bridal party before celebrating with 150 of their favourite people at a relaxed Bonnie Brae barn wedding. Dave looks back on the highlights of his day for us.

“It was all a bit of a blur to be honest. My friends had ‘forced’ a few too many drinks on me the night before, so I wasn’t at my sharpest in the morning. A few of us were rushing around finishing off a couple of things at the reception venue, then we had to rush back home so the photographers could take photos of us getting ready. From then on, it was just a really enjoyable morning, spending time with my family and my best mates, with a big grin on my face the entire time. My groomsmen swear I teared up a little when Melissa walked down the aisle, but I definitely disagree!

I don’t recall much about the ceremony; I just remember that we were both grinning & laughing most of the time, and so was everyone else. Photos thankfully didn’t take too long, for me it was really just an excuse to have a drink with the bridal party, kick back and enjoy the day. The reception was a bit of a blur; my dad had a fantastically dorky speech that had everyone in tears with some quality dad jokes (from a combination of laughing and crying), Melissa’s family said some lovely things about the both of us, and the speech from one of my lifelong friends was surprisingly kind, and free from any embarrassing anecdotes (thankfully!).

Highlight may well be the end of the night, when everyone was on the bus heading home. Turns out that there wasn’t enough room for the bride & groom, so Melissa & I, along with a couple of our friends, stayed back and waited for a taxi. We went back inside, and the owners of the reception venue served us Patrón, while we sat around & listened to their very talented daughters play us a few songs on their guitars. During that hour or so that we were waiting for our ride home, I got to finally sit back and relax with my newly-married wife and a few of our friends, and reflect on the whirlwind of a day we had just had. That, and the cheeseburgers we made the taxi driver stop at the drive through for on the way home; they were pretty good too.”

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