As we often talk about at Polka Dot Bride, sometimes, it’s the simple things that are the most beautiful. This DIY Foliage Escort Card tutorial is the epitome of that idea.  The materials for this tutorial cost less than ten dollars and it took less than an hour to create.  But the result is beyond lovely – the perfect display to welcome guests to your reception and guide them to their table place. For the foliage, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and was able to collect an armful of native greens and blooms from median strips and local park areas.  We used an existing wall and pins to secure the twine.  If you are unable to use pins on the wall of your venue, try using a wooden clothes rack or easel to create a similar effect.  

You Will Need:
This tutorial creates 12 escort cards.  Multiply supplies as necessary. 

12 x medium sized wooden pegs (found at craft store)

12 x assorted greens / florals (we used greenery approximately 20cm long)
12 x white luggage gift tags

Black inky pen (or print names / table numbers using computer if preferred)

3 x lengths of jute twine approximately 1 metre each

Thumb tacks / notice board pins


Step One. Collect an array of different foliage that compliments your wedding theme.  We used native greens with subtle hints of blossoms.

Step Two.  Trim foliage to lengths that are approximately 20cm each.  Set aside.

Step Three. Take one of the lengths of jute twine and attach to wall using notice board pins.  Repeat for other lengths – attaching them above or below the original piece.  We had a gap of approximately 30cm between each.

Step Four. Create the escort cards – write your guest names and table numbers on the luggage gift tags.

Step Five: Play around with the placement of your foliage, try to evenly place floral pieces with greenery.  Take your time and come up with an arrangement you are really happy with.

Step Six: Using the pegs, attach the greenery along with escort card onto the lengths of twine.  Make sure you have a system for arranging your guests whether alphabetically or by table number.

Ms Zigzag says: These floral-foliage escort cards are functional and very Instagram-able! 

About Jessica Derrick: I’m a writer and a lover of words and stories, pretty papers and flowers. I find great satisfaction in creating something beautiful from the simplest of materials. I’m happiest in a home bustling with conversation and music, sitting at a beautifully decorated table surrounded by good friends and delicious food – with a glass of champagne in hand, of course!