25 Fun Feel Good Valentines Day Ideas

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On the eve of Valentines’ Day, we thought what better way to round up 25 fun feel good Valentines Day ideas to inspire your own fun celebration? There is not a red rose in sight on the list- it’s full of fun ideas that are easy to execute, sometimes a little silly and very heartfelt.

  1. Cut your morning toast into a heart shape
  2. Whip up your beloved’s favourite cocktail for after five drinks
  3. Run a  hot bath, add bubbles!
  4. Hide handwritten love notes all over the house
  5. Fill your favourite room in the house with balloons in shades of pink and red
  6. Bake a heart shaped cake (fill with jam and cream of course!)
  7. Make an old-fashioned mixtape (Spotify playlist?) of your favourite songs
  8. Surprise your beloved with their favourite chocolate bar
  9. Eat dinner on a picnic rug on the floor. Be sure to add candles.
  10. Turn your living room into a dance floor. Turn off the lights and turn on the music- daggy dance the night away!
  11. Make strawberry milkshakes and top them up with at least three scoops of ice cream. Adorn with red sprinkles.
  12. Pick a bunch of blooms from your own garden and pop them in a vase
  13. Hire your favourite movie and pack in all the snacks- popcorn, icy cold slushies and choc tops for an at-home movie night.
  14. Make heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast and load them with strawberry sauce
  15. Write a love letter, on paper, with a pen.
  16. Find your blankets and pillows and stargaze
  17. Find a beach for a hot serving of fish and chips on the sand
  18. Eat ice cream cones while wandering in your favourite park
  19. Eat dinner by candlelight
  20. Plan an at-home spa night, complete with cucumber slice eye masks
  21. Cut your lunchtime sandwiches into love hearts
  22. Head to the beach and build the biggest sandcastle you can master together
  23. Print out your favourite photos together and string them up around your house
  24. Build a pillow fort on your living room floor and watch the silliest, corniest movie you can find
  25. Find a bubble wand and bubble mix and book yourself solid for an hour blowing bubbles.

What about you? What feel-good ideas do you have for Valentines Day?


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