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When Googling for wedding invitations or stationery, you’ll find a huge amount of different designs, probably some you like or even love. But sometimes you see an invitation, save-the-date or RSVP and a big question mark pops up over your head (we’ve all been there).

Some things to think about when designing your wedding stationery:

  1. Names

Make sure your names and surnames are on the card. Believe it or not, some couples forget to put their surname on the invitation.

Wedding stationery

Source: Temploola

  1. Time

At a wedding, guests will (almost) always be very much on time a.k.a. early! This means that if your wedding starts at 4pm, don’t write down 3.30pm on the invite, as the guests might already show up at 3pm…and of course, we all have that one uncle and aunty who are always late, big loss for them, not for you.

  1. Location

Guests want to know if they have to book a hotel nearby or not. For this, it is of great importance that you include the location of the venue on your wedding invitation.

  1. RSVP

When including an RSVP, make sure you don’t forget to write down the date by which your guests have to RSVP. And make sure you don’t make the same mistake as this couple did (‘a 10 year old, medium-rare please’):

Source: Reddit

  1. Humour

Yes, you can include humour on your wedding stationery, but don’t over-do it. Check out this over-the-top wedding RSVP:

Source: BoredPanda

So, in a nutshell: make sure you don’t forget the most important information (e.g. names, location, time) and please don’t over-do it. With these two rules of thumb, you will be fine. Looking for some extra inspiration? Have a look at the wedding stationery below.

Source: Temploola

Source: Temploola

Source: Temploola

Ms Zigzag says: Great tips here from Temploola. Something I’d like to add is even if you are the wordsmith of your group, have a second or even third pair of eyes read over your invite. Typos on a wedding invite aren’t the best look! 

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