Image by Trevor King via Maggie and Jonesy’s DIY Phillip Island Farm Wedding

When I got married almost a year ago, there was one ubiquitous piece of advice that was shared with me over and over again. Family and friends who had got married before us swore by these words of wedding wisdom, said if there was only one piece of advice that we use, it should be this…

They said that my partner and I needed to step away from the crowd at some point in the night and just have a moment to soak up the moment together. A couple’s moment. People promised that this would be one of the most memorable times of the whole day because the time just flies by on your wedding. Stepping away, if only for a few minutes, apparently would slow down the clock.

Turns out everyone was right and I now pass on this advice onto any engaged couples that will listen to me.

However, when you are the centre of attention for the night, it’s a challenge to step away from the mayhem if you haven’t planned it in advance.

Today we are sharing some inspiration from some loved-up souls that did manage to master their ‘couple’s moment’ on their wedding day. I hope you too can make a plan to run away with your special person (just a few minutes is all you need) to have a bike ride around the countryside, a cigar on the front porch or just to take some beautiful photos and share a cocktail together as the sun sets.

Image by Bobby Clark from Bobby & Tide  via Prue & Mat’s Outdoor Trentham Wedding

The groom Mat’s highlight of his Outdoor Trentham Wedding was “a quiet moment with Prue to enjoy a cigar.”

Image by The Tsudons via Nikki & Sam’s Sweet Butterland Wedding

Doing a “first look” with your partner before the ceremony is a great way to have a moment all to yourselves, and to also get your couple photos before the wedding begins. You don’t have to feel rushed or feel like you are missing out on part of your party while you’re getting photos done.

Image by Dan Soderstrom Weddings via Luke and Madeleine’s Relaxed Yarra Valley Farm Wedding

Take a stroll in nature. Is there anything more romantic than grabbing your partner by the hand and taking a short walk?

Image by Trevor King via Maggie and Jonesy’s DIY Phillip Island Farm Wedding

Maggie and Jonesy had the right idea here! Straight after their barefoot ceremony, they each hopped on their bikes and rode around the farm to take in the moment and enjoy the ocean views.