Giving a great gift to newlyweds is a joy because often you’re giving the couple something that they will use or admire forever. And if you’re going to the trouble to get such a lovely gift, you may as well go the whole way and present it beautifully.

This is a project that works two-fold; it allows you to explore your creativity and play with different paint techniques and palates, plus it creates beautiful and unique gift wrap that you can use for weddings and other gifts. As you may already know, we are partial to a polka dot or two around here, so I created watercolour-style polka dot paper in green, pink and blue (NB: we are actually using acrylic paints here but going for a semi-translucent watercolour effect). Then for contrast, confetti flecks in the same colours. I used a roll of gold foil paper and painted the back because I love the idea of double sided wrapping paper that is just as pretty on the inside as the outside. Tied with bright ribbon and metallic tag attached, these pretty little parcels are going to make the married couple smile with delight – and you know no one else will have the same wrapping as you – it’s a signature DIY move that sets you apart!

You Will Need:
1 x roll white paper (or as we used, gold foil paper)

Acrylic paints




Sticky tape

Ribbon & gift tags for wrapping

Step One. Cut a large piece of gift wrap or paper and spread out on table ready for painting.  We used the back side of gold foil gift wrap so it would be double sided.

Step Two. Take time to make your colours mixing a few drops of water with the paint.  Using an artists palate can be really handy as it makes it easy to mix varying shades of the same colour which works well for this project.


Step Three. Time to get painting!  Try a few practice designs on a scrap piece of paper and once you have decided, take your time to complete your chosen pattern onto the roll of gift wrap.  We firstly used a polka dot in varying colours.  Then we tried some confetti-style ‘flecks’ in varying colours.

Step Four.  Once you have finished the first pattern check for ‘even-ness’ of pattern – add additional polka dots if required, then leave to dry.


Step Five. Once completely dry, wrap your presents in the gift wrap. Tie with complementary ribbon and metallic gift tags.  We folded back the foil side for a pop of shine.  If you aren’t using the gift wrap right away, once dry, roll paper back onto cardboard roll and store away until ready to use.

Ms Zigzag says: Once the wedding is said and done, newlyweds have something exciting to look forward to (yes, waking up next to their new husband or wife and spending the rest of their lives together!), but another thing is opening their wedding presents together. Imagine the couple’s excitement when they stumble across beautifully hand-painted wrapping paper too! They will be feeling the love. 

About Jessica Derrick: I’m a writer and a lover of words and stories, pretty papers and flowers. I find great satisfaction in creating something beautiful from the simplest of materials. I’m happiest in a home bustling with conversation and music, sitting at a beautifully decorated table surrounded by good friends and delicious food – with a glass of champagne in hand, of course!