Image via Belle Balloons

Image via Belle Balloons

Your wedding day should definitely be all about you and your significant other, but is it so wrong to want to be on trend as well?

Styling your event and staying on point with your theme and decorations can take your wedding from memorable to fashionable in a heartbeat, and we think we may have found just the thing to do it.

Remember a couple of years ago when Kanye and Kim had a rose wall and then they were everywhere?

Well balloons are the new roses, people. Balloon installations seem to be everywhere at the moment – whether it’s Miley Cyrus running down the beach with a giant balloon branch in her new music video ‘Malibu’ or basically every slick event across Australia.

Balloon installations seem to be so hot right now.

Sarah Courtney created Belle Balloons two years ago, specialising in balloon décor/decorating for private and corporate events.

She’s done everything from extravagant first birthday parties to weddings and conventions, including installations with more than 500 balloons and installations over water.

She says wedding balloon installations are on the rise.

‘Last wedding season, we did quite a few and this season it is looking like it set to be our strongest growth area. They have been seen as a bit of a budget party item for a long time but recent trends and a change in the way they are being used has meant people are seeing their true potential.

We are trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the “old party balloon”.’

Sarah describes this as a ‘new style of balloon decorating’ which adds a touch of class to a wedding.

The best part? In comparison to flowers, balloons are relatively cheap.

‘Balloons as a product are very affordable,’ Sarah says. ‘You will have to pay for a skilled balloon artist to create your installation but with a lower priced starting product, you will find that the cost of a large balloon installation will be way below that of other mediums. Whether it be a simple over-sized balloon with a beautiful tassel, light up balloons floating over water or a stunning overhead hanging installation, balloons are now the new affordable way to decorate.’

Image via Belle Balloons

Image via Belle Balloons

She added that combining balloons and flowers is also trending in wedding circles.

So if you’re thinking about having a wow-factor at your wedding, and not sure what that might be, it’s time to consider balloons.

As Sarah says, ‘It’s something different. Everyone is looking for a way to add that personal touch to their big day and balloons can do that.’

Image via Belle Balloons

Image via Belle Balloons

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Ms Zigzag says: I’ve been curious about balloon installations for months! They’re such fun. Thanks Mr Houndstooth and Belle Balloons for the piece.