Leanne & Vincent

The beautiful Anawata Beach in Auckland made for the most stunning backdrop for Leanne and Vincent’s romantic Auckland beach engagement. With Tinted Photography behind the camera, the duo made the most of the stormy seas, wide open sands and seaside forests to give themselves, not only a mini holiday, but a different setting from what they live in every day.

Of the proposal, Leanne remembers, “We had been together for five years, and last year we thought we were ready to take the next step. So it all happened quite naturally.”

“I love his attention to details, high standards with everything, especially when it comes to girlfriend/wife,” says Leanne of Vincent.

On what Vincent loves about his future wife he tells, “I love Leanne’s sense of humour, selflessness, and for keeping me on my toes (she’s watching me as I write this).” 

Says Leanne of how the couple came to be, “We met each other through a mutual friend. It was on boxing day in 2011, when my friend double-booked to catch up with both myself and Vincent (though not together). So she asked if I mind that Vincent come along and join us for shopping and eating.”