Kirsty and Maggie

We are celebrating such a momentous day today in Australia – a day where the majority of Australians said a big joyous “yes” to same-sex marriage. Something that is so huge, so incredible and so incredibly overdue. We hope, that with how horrible these past few months (and life before that) has been surrounding this survey, that today, you are able to celebrate.

We are thrilled to be able to revel in more of what we adore – love, with many more of our friends and we’re tossing confetti and popping the champagne in celebration of so much happiness.

What better way to celebrate than with a gorgeous love shoot of Kirsty and Maggie captured by Fox & Kin, the lady behind the “rainbow love movement” which allowed plenty of LGBTQ couples to have their love captured for free by photographers around Australia.

Kirsty and Maggie are one such couple who will marry when same-sex marriage is legalised in Australia. The couple, who met by chance, tell us , “it’s so corny it’s ridiculous but it’s like the stars aligned perfectly, completely by chance!” honoured us by allowing us to share their story today.

On what she loves about Maggie, Kirsty tells “no sentence can even begin to describe what I love about Maggie. I go to write something down but I can’t seem to find the words that give my love for her enough meaning. She is just simply my perfect!”

Maggie remarks, on what she loves about Kirsty, “her beauty inside and out, she is the most beautiful person. She makes me smile constantly, I’ve never laughed so much than when I’m with her.
Kirsty motivates and inspires me literally every single day, she’s my perfect.”