Paris & Alexander

When Paris and Alexander tied the knot, they wanted no fuss. A big party with good food and wine? Now that they could do. With Cast in Colour behind the camera, the newlyweds made sure every aspect of their day embodied the relaxed vibe they dreamt of.

Alexander proposed in a way that was so very appropriate for the couple. Paris remembering, “Alexander and I had chosen the engagement ring together, so I was anticipating the proposal but didn’t know when or where it would happen. This led to more anticipation! We had been packing in the leading days as Alexander had accepted a job in Port Lincoln, he sneakily suggested we take a short walk to clear our heads. We would often walk in Victor Harbor and one of our favourite spots to walk was on the cliffs behind The Bluff, where there is little ‘island’ that you can jump across, as we jumped across to the island he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!”

After not being able to find what she wanted, the bride worked with Cinderella Bridal to create her dream gown, explaining “Dress shopping was a little inconvenient as we had to arrange weekends in Adelaide. I’m not really a ‘girly girl’ and Alexander doesn’t like floral lace so my options were slim, I’m also quite tall so most dresses would need to be ordered in longer lengths. I dreamed of a slim fit, simple dress in a silky material. I had my high school formal dress made by Yvonne at Cinderella Bridal, so it made sense to have my wedding dress made here also. Yvonne was able to make a simple dress, without lace in the material and fit that I wanted which made the process a whole lot easier.”

The couple chose One Paddock Currency Creek Winery for their wedding venue, noting, “We wanted the wedding to be close to home and to have a simplistic, rustic feel. As wine drinkers, it made sense to have the wedding at a winery. One Paddock were very supportive of our ideas for the day and were happy to make the day run how we had imagined. One Paddock uses local produce and caters well for vegetarians, which was very important as myself and one of the bridesmaids are vegetarian.”

“We wanted a short ceremony. Pastor Vanderwal led the ceremony, we had one Bible reading – Colossians 3:12-17 read by Alexander’s sister Mikaela. Alexander and I memorised our vows: I take you Alex/Paris to be my wife/husband, and these things I promise: I will be faithful to you and forgive you as God has forgiven us; I will trust, help, and care for you. I will share my life with you through the best and worst of what may come until death parts us.”

Post ceremony, the couple mixed it up with toasts and speeches, after cheese and champagne, remarking, “We wanted to have a wedding where our guests could celebrate with us and have as much of an enjoyable day as us. We did not follow traditional proceedings on the day. We had the ceremony followed by an afternoon of drinks and grazing which was held on the lawns. This allowed our guests (family and friends) to celebrate immediately after the ceremony with us. This afternoon celebration included speeches and the cake cutting. A couple of hours later the bridal party left for photos to signal the end of the afternoon celebrations, guests went home and the family were invited to the dining room for dinner.”

Paris remembers, “Alexander’s father, with expressive speech dysphasia (from a previous skiing accident), gave a speech in front of all friends and family. He had been rehearsing long before the day, it was tear-jerking!”

Of their photographer, the bride remarks, “Claire was lovely, she was very organised and there were lots of emails back and forth before the wedding! She was very professional and we were very lucky to have her boyfriend assisting as the second photographer on the day!”

The couple purchased their flowers from Centennial Florist and then customised them, the bride explaining “We wanted to keep a theme of nature with luscious green foliage and white flowers. My dad is an experienced gardener, he advised us as to what flowers were in season. We ordered most of the flowers from an Adelaide florist, with the addition of white roses from my Grandpa’s garden adding in sentimental value (as this was Grandma’s pride and joy and unfortunately she wasn’t here to celebrate our wedding day). The foliage was cut out from my parents garden. Then, Alexander, the bridesmaids and I spent an evening arranging the flowers and foliage. I even created the bouquet.”

The newlyweds dined with just their family for dinner, Paris noting “We wanted to keep the decor simple and have minimal left over after the day, we gave all the table runners to the venue and guests were able to take home a vase of flowers! We stocked the bathrooms with Thankyou soap and moisturizer.”

Congratulations on your marriage Paris and Alexander! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! Thank you also to Cast in Colour for sharing today’s celebration!