Inspired by poetry, today’s wedding inspiration, titled “Enigmatique” is all about the beauty of modern romance with a distinctly feminine twist.

Photographer Amanda of  Peppermint Photography was behind the lens, explaining her inspiration as “The vision I had for Enigmatique was a muted collection of cinematic stirred and inspired frames, each spilling with ardour and mood. Subtley Avant Garde but distinctively feminine, and enthused to create a kind of visual poetry, with the images weaving into a brilliant story of enigmatic souls and old-world romance and charm.”

With the stunning backdrop of Brisbane’s Mous Magazine headquarters as the backdrop, our models Josephine Adeline and Britt Pukallus dressed in beautifully detailed gowns by Gwendolynne and  White Meadow. Their looks finished with tightly pulled back elegant buns and softly toned makeup by Elizabeth Crossley – temporary tattoos from PepperInk stopping the look from swaying into the pretty and pink territory.

The star of the show was, of course, the flowers. Wild At Heart creating overgrown, enormous bouquets of peach, blush and white roses with plenty of sage and emailed toned foliage to highlight the femininity of the look.

Petal & Peach whipped up a  feast of cakes – each stunningly modern, yet beautifully tying back to the feminine romance – flowers delicately placed and textured delicately in pinks and creams. The cakes, sparkling against delicate fine art inspired calligraphed stationery by Luminous Calligraphy and accessories with sweet silk ribbon from Tinctifolia plus velvet ring boxes from Amonie.