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Ms Zig Zag

Image supplied by Melissa Debruyne

Melissa Debruyne from Flowers with Elegance sits down to talk with us about how flowers endlessly inspire her and how no two flower arrangements are the same, and why that’s a beautiful thing!

Image by Lawrence James Photography

How do you express your creative style in your work?
I have always loved playing with colours and textures. I’ve always loved handmade crafts but flowers are alive and you can’t ever create the same thing twice. This allows me to create arrangements according to how I feel and what I have available.

Image supplied by Melissa Debruyne

How does your creative flair set you apart?
What sets me apart is I don’t really have a favourite style of floral designs. I know I’m only good in a number of styles, but learning new trending styles and discovering new techniques is what keeps this aspect of my profession interesting. So I guess because I love everything relating to floral designs, I am constantly moving and evolving with the times.

Image supplied by Melissa Debruyne

What is it about being creative that is fulfilling for you?
My full time job used to be repetitive, stuck inside a surgery and clients who came to see me tended to not want to be there (as much as they love me). But being a floral designer, I get to be involved in creating happiness. My work brings joy and creates memories in people’s lives. It is captured on film and displayed in people’s home and shown to their families with love and pride. This is what fulfils me and gets me up at 2am to do flower market pick ups and many hours on my feet running on adrenaline to deliver on my promise on the BIG day.

Image supplied by Melissa Debruyne

Where will your creative talents lead you next?
I don’t want to be a dreamer, but my idol is Karen Tran, the Artist of all Floral Designs. I want to be known by every newly engaged brides.

Ms Zigzag says: We love dreamers here at Polka Dot Bride; keep dreaming big Melissa! We loved getting to know you and your business better through our chat with you today. 

About Flowers with Elegance: Creating an impression is what we do best! We specialise in luxury floral creations for weddings, engagements and other celebration events. We know how important this day is to you and that’s why we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, outstanding service with a meticulous eye for quality and details.



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