Sarah & Gavin

It was a beautiful beach day when Sarah and Gavin headed out for a day with  Hilary Cam for their sweet beach engagement.

With flowers by Booshi and hair and makeup by Michelle Cato, bride to be Sarah, had wanted to pay homage to their memories. “A picnic on the beach has a lot of sentiment to us as it was here where we first confessed our love for each other” she tells, explaining “Gavin and I were having a picnic and afterwards we decided to throw a frisbee. Gavin threw the frisbee up into the air and we both tried to catch it and missed. It was at that moment he grabbed me, twirled me around, looked me into my eyes and said that he loved me. I told him that I loved him too!”

It was at a wedding that Sarah and Gavin first locked eyes. Sarah retells “We first met at a wedding where Gavin was a groomsman for his best friend Grant and I was a bridesmaid for my sister, Jessica.
Paired together, we instantly hit it off and even though we lived in different States at the time, we made it work. Hilary and Nicola were actually the photographers on the day so it feels very special to come full circle as they captured our first moments together, laughing and dancing. We are excited for them to capture our special day too.”

On what they love about one another, the almost married couple explain “We really are best friends to each other. Whether it’s mountain biking, hiking, gaming or cooking, l couldn’t imagine anyone else l’d rather be with. We’re often on the same wavelength too which helps when it comes to competing in those couples games nights.”

It was Tokyo where Gavin proposed, Sarah remembering “Gavin spent months researching so our holiday in Japan went smoothly. It was our first day and we were off to Tokyo Disneyland.
After entering the park, off in the distance was where Gavin had pictured proposing many months ago, in front of Cinderella Castle.” She tells “Taking me by the hand, we made a beeline straight for the spot. Gavin, giddy with nervousness and excitement, found an American pair to let in on the secret and were more than happy to help. After a few photos in front of the castle to lower my suspicion, Gavin turned and got down on one knee, forgot everything he had rehearsed, and asked for my hand in marriage!”