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How does a romantic honeymoon escape on an island a little like Neverland sound? Welcome to Beqa island in Fiji, famous for shark diving and the beautiful rugged landscape.

We recently visited the island which is a bit of a hidden gem and haven’t been able to stop spreading the secret! Beqa is one of 332 islands in Fiji and is just south of Viti Levu. There are four resorts available to stay in which are surrounded by 9 villages.

You’ll start your adventure on a short boat ride where you’ll get to learn more about the land and experience all the shades of Fiji blue as you glide through the water. Keep your eyes pealed for turtles, we found a few friendly ones along the way, you might even be lucky enough to see dolphins or a whale too. As you approach Beqa island it’s a little like stepping back in time. There’s shades of greenery you couldn’t have known and plants growing on top of more plants, it’s exactly how you would have imagined the world before modern civilisation. Along the shore you’ll see a few resorts scattered amongst the palm trees, our boat skips these and heads to an inlet where we find Lalati Resort and Spa.

Image via Bec Lawrence

If you too decide to stay at Lalati Resort and Spa don’t be expecting your typical 5-star resort that you might find in Denarau. Instead, you’ll find friendly staff and a more authentic Fijian experience as locals work on the resort and live in the villages close by.

Image via Bec Lawrence

The rooms:

There’s a range of rooms to select from at Lalati Resort all with their own perks. With only 16 villas, cottages and suites, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the resort will never be overly busy and your serenity wont be interrupted. We stayed in an Ocean View villa where we watched the tide go in and out and were close enough to the dining hall to hear the drums beat at meal times. The rooms are simple but cater to all your needs.

Image via Bec Lawrence

What to eat:

Lalati Resort is an all-inclusive experience so you wont have to stress about any of the little things. Each morning a staff member will provide you with some options for meals for the day, you’ll select your favourites and a local chef will start cooking up a storm. It’s that easy, and trust me you wont be disappointed.

What to do:

If you’re one to unwind and sit by the water then this place is perfect but if you’re one for activities and adventure you wont be disappointed either. Typically I find it hard to sit still so I booked myself into every activity possible. From guided hikes, snorkelling, scuba diving, village visits and more, each experience will bring something different. My personal favourite is the school tour where a guide will take you through the village and to a school to listen to the children sing and dance. The children are so excited to see tourists and shout ‘Bula’ at ever possible moment. The happiness in the room is overwhelming, you can hear them singing from the shore.

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If getting out into nature is more your thing, make sure you book into the waterfall trek. A guide will take you through the bushland where you will see native plants, farms and views of the island. Take a refreshing dip in the waterfall to cool off from your hike before you head back to the resort.

Image via Bec Lawrence

A lot of the activities at Lalati Resort are free whilst others come at an additional cost.  Whichever activity you choose a guide will take you through and you’ll learn about their lifestyle and culture. The staff members live close by in the villages that surround Lalati Resort so you’ll get to know their friendly faces and might even meet their families or see their homes.

Whatever you decide make sure you take this perfect opportunity to unwind and spend some time together without any interruptions from your life back at home.

Ms Zigzag says: Crystal blue waters, waterfalls and an authentic Fijian experience? Beqa sounds like just the place to enjoy a romantic getaway. 

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