Buck’s Party Ideas for the Adventurous Groom

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Bec Lawrence

Image via Skydive

Are you the type of groom who wants something a little more casual and a little less like The Hangover for your buck’s night? If so, we have got you covered!

If you feel like all the fun is a few hours away and you’re stuck for ideas why not turn the buck’s party into an action-packed, weekend away.

What to do:


Flyboarding is a relatively new extreme sport that combines water skiing, wakeboarding, snowboarding and acrobatic diving into one. Essentially, it’s like strapping a jet pack to your feet and taking off above the water reaching heights of up to 15 metres!

You’ll be standing on a board that is connected to a jet ski by a long hose. You’ll have the control to fly above the water or power yourself to dive into the sea.

Flyboarding is open to anyone, with most being able to master balance after a 20 minute lesson.

Sounds like fun? You can try it yourself in Cairns and Melbourne.

Image via Go Flyboard


You’re about to take the leap so why not jump out of a plane to celebrate!

Fall from 14,000 feet, feel the adrenaline rush and take in the spectacular views. Mission Beach in Queensland is said to be one of the best spots to skydive and has the benefit of a beach landing. It won’t just be the skydiving that takes your breath away, Mission Beach boasts over 14km of sandy, white beach surrounded by The Great Barrier Reef.

V8 Supercars Experience

If keeping to the ground is more your thing but you still want the adrenaline rush, the V8 Supercars Experience is not to be missed.

With locations all over Australia you can easily slot this into your itinerary. Take the wheel with a coach by your side. They’ll guide you through the process and make sure this is an exhilarating experience. Have your race recorded so you can share it with everyone back at home.

Image via Red Balloon

Where to stay:

Cockatoo Island, Sydney

Fancy a camping trip with some pretty great views of Sydney? Cockatoo island is only a few minutes via ferry to the CBD making it a perfect destination to both escape but be close to all the action. You can sleep under the stars without missing out on all the amenities. You’ll have access to hot showers, a camp kitchen, BBQs and more.

Image via Cockatoo Island

Camping at Cockatoo Island will set you back between $89-$99 a night, you wont even need to bring your own tent!

Hire a campervan

Pick up a Jucy or Wicked campervan from most major cities around Australia. Road trip with your mates, stopping at all the best beaches along the way. Its as simple as picking what type of car you want and your return date.

Image via @mycolourfulworld_

Whatever you decide to do for your momentous buck’s night, make sure it’s something you want. You don’t have to fit with traditions and you don’t have to pick an activity just because your friends have been dying for the opportunity. Enjoy an adventure filled weekend escape for a more casual, adrenaline pumping experience.

Ms Zigzag says: While I like to keep my own two feet firmly planted on the ground, I do think this is awesome inspiration for all the thrill seekers out there.


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