Bridgette and Dale

With a beautiful blend of classic and country, Bridgette and Dale’s romantic country wedding with native flowers, captured beautifully by Christian Marc Photography, was a day that embodied its surroundings with their rustic glam.

The newlyweds telling of how they met, “We met in December of 2011 at a nightclub, so we’ve known each other about 5.5 years, we weren’t ‘officially’ together until about 6 months later…but we were always seeing only each other, so the whole time counts.”

Bridgette chose two gowns, one designed by Madison James and another by Allure Bridal from Brides Of Melbourne, “I wore two dresses, mainly because it was really hard to sit in my first one haha.
Working in a bridal store actually made it really hard to find a dress, because I sell dresses to girls all the time, what we had in store didn’t seem as special to me – they would remind me of the brides I sold to,” she remarks.

Bridgette added, “I went to a few other stores that didn’t quite have what I was after – I was able to see a preview of the Allure and Madison James new seasons at the time. My sister actually picked out my dress which made it even more special for me. After that I realised I wanted to spend the reception in comfort, so found a second dress after it had arrived at the salon as a new sample – perfect!”

Wandin Florist created the bride’s bouquet, while she added a floral crown. “Wandin Florist did the flowers and Fleur & Dahlia created my beautiful evening flower crown. All our florals, they were just so spot on and everything that we wanted. The colours were perfect with just the right amount of natives as well. I’m still obsessed with them!”

Gum Gully Farm played host to the classic country day. The bride explaining “My mum actually found it online (she basically started planning as soon as we told them we were engaged). We made a day of seeing a handful of venues in the Yarra Valley, but Gum Gully was the first one we went to and fell in love straight away. It was warm, romantic, rustic and the staff were really lovely as well.”

The bride walked down the aisle on the arms of her parents to “For You” by Adam Eckersley Band.

Shannon Jeans (Cloud 9 Celebrations) officiated the ceremony, Bridgette remembering “Our celebrant Shannon was amazing, Dale always tells me how she kept him calm and collected (I was late, not my fault…), and then when we arrived and I was super anxious after the car ride, she took a moment to just settle my nerves and talk us through again what we needed to do. The funny moment was during the ceremony when I couldn’t get Dale’s ring on, awkward!”


“Our wedding was a reflection of our marriage – It’s a deep connection between souls, agreeing that this is your ‘person’ for life. But it’s also fun, it’s going on adventures and getting lost. It’s a warm place to come home to and the brightest light in the darkest days. But marriage isn’t any one thing and it isn’t the same for everyone. As long as there is love, trust and laughter – everything else just fits its way in.”

The photographs the couple took alone together are some of the bride’s favourites, she explains. “Our time together having photos is something I’ll never forget. Just having that time together with really great creative people around us was amazing…even in gale force winds and rain!”


Of their photographers, the bride remarks “Our amazing photographer Christian and his wife Shani were just absolutely the best. They didn’t just take photos, but they captured the essence of our day and we’ll cherish that forever. Not only do they do great work, but they’re fabulous people. Their vibe and energy…the only way to describe it is warm and fuzzy! They helped both of us stay calm and in the moment, helping us along the way in the lead up to the wedding with perfect advice on how to approach the day which I think about now and smile.”

Miss Ladybird Cakes created the gorgeous double tiered wedding cake with fresh blooms.

The newlyweds chose “Makin’ Me Look Good Again” by Drake White for their first dance.

Dale swept his wife away with the most beautiful speech – even the photographer remembers every moment! He said “I was thinking about the years we have already spent together and the years to come. It has been 1,952 days since we met…that works out to be 46,850 hours which equals 210,240,000 heartbeats. If we are together for the next 60 years then our hearts will beat roughly 2,522,880,000 times each. I can say this without a shadow of a doubt that each and every single one of those heartbeats will be for you.”

Woolshed Imaging captured a beautiful film of the day.

Congratulations on your beautiful marriage Bridgette and Dale! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Christian Marc Photography for sharing today’s celebration!