Hey, guess what? I shoot Pentax! Weird, I know?! I don’t think twice about it, of course, but every now and then I get asked why I chose Pentax as my camera system (usually by an observant wedding guest with an interest in photography), and almost always when I’m darting around grabbing shots, with no time to spare for explanations. Well, it’s mid-winter now, and I’m buried in my office, with time to finally answer that question for you!

So why did I choose Pentax, when so many photographers have gone down the Canon or Nikon path? Well, technically, Pentax chose me. When I joined my high school photography club and was handed one of the dozens of Pentax K1000’s that the school loaned out to students on weekends, with a roll of film and a few vague instructions on how to use it. My fate was then sealed in Year 11, when my parents returned from Bali with a K1000 they’d purchased for me Duty Free – thanks Mum and Dad!

A couple of decades down the track, and I’m still shooting with that K1000, as well as Pentax’s latest full-frame DSLR, the Pentax K1 (both pictured above). And the reason I’ve stayed with this system is because Pentax make superb cameras and lenses. They’ve been around forever, and have stood the test of time. Their optics are incredible – they even make a medium format camera, the Pentax 645 Z, which just goes to show the level of build quality they are capable of.

They also boast a huge range of lenses, with many of the old manual film lenses being compatible with current digital cameras. This is a huge plus for me, because after so many years shooting Pentax, I now have a fabulous set of fast primes I can still use to create beautiful, dreamy images on your wedding day!

Portrait Image: Pentax K1 + manual 50mm F1.8 lens.

And lastly, Pentax renders the final image with a lovely film-like quality, which goes hand in hand with my style, allowing me to produce images that hark back to the days of film, even when they’re shot on the latest digital cameras. So really, what more could I ask for in a camera system?! Definitely Pentax and proud!

Ms ZigZag says: Every photographer has their own style and weapon of choice when shooting weddings or any subject for that matter. In Angie Roe’s case, Pentax was introduced to her at a high school photography class and she just never looked back. We love her images and are thrilled to share them with you on Polka Dot Bride. 

About Angie Roe Photography: Hi, I’m Angie and I love variety. Everything catches my eye. I’m a lover of light and colour, and my images speak of a relaxed, natural, storytelling style. I’m a documentary and lifestyle based photographer, specialising in fun-filled rural, backyard and DIY events, but with a secret fetish for the occasional formal do too!