Robyn & Tyler

I adore Autumn and I adore love stories so this Autumnal Trentham Estate love shoot from Quince & Mulberry Studios is pretty much my favourite way to spend a day.

With the beautifully styled homestead and the saffron yellow AAutumn trees, Trentham played the perfect host for this very much in love and full of joy couple as their story unfolded.

They met at a bar. “I was on the back end of a twelve-hour bar shift when my good friend and long time work colleague tapped me on the back and warned me she had brought her friends in. She pointed at me and sternly requested “I know what your like, you’r enot to try anything!” ….. stage one the temptation had begun.” remembers Tyler.

“The most beautiful girl I have ever seen in this world approached the bar and I had quickly come to the realisation that no matter how much I respected my good friend, that the words spoken to me were going to be ignored and the next hour my single goal in life was to use all my quick wit and charm to draw the attention of this angelic creature that stood before me ….. stage two I would come to watch a documentary on peacocks and learn this is referred to as fanning in which the tail feathers are displayed in order to win over a mate …. I didn’t have tail feathers, instead, I opted for my signature espresso martini with a solid bicep flex and a cheeky wink.”

Tyler continues “I made a joke about tequila, I can’t remember it exactly, it was received well! Our eyes met for a second and I quickly realised that my goal for the rest of my life was to make this girl smile and that I have never heard a laugh like hers, that made me truly happy ….. a voice in the back of my head said to play it cool but stage three I was hooked and there was an undeniable instant connection that I still feel today.”

“We both love to dance, I am actually a dancer by trade but he fairly gives me a run for my money on the dance floor. Always end up competing with each other, who can out-sass and out-groove each other. Within these competitions on separate occasions, we both managed to split out pants/dress straight down the centre. Our clothes can’t handle us!” reminisces Robyn of one of their favourite memories together.

Tyler tells ” In a relationship that thrives on chaos and ridiculousness, how could you possibly pick one? This whole thing could be some romantic comedy starring Ryan Gosling but unfortunately, I feel like I would be played by Russell Brand on a strict diet and gym regime to put on a few kgs. The casting call is still out for Robyn at this point. We are two very down-to-earth and crazy characters, so our life together is full of laughs, grape fights, dance-offs that split pants and cheeky butt-grabbing, all day, every day. I think more so than this is the fact that the chance and struggle of the relationship. It has made it against all the odds. The couple that was against long distance and was supposed to be a spring fling with Robyn moving back home forever, blossomed into what we are today. The unlikely twist of fates from day one, there are and continue to be multitudes, as this unlikely duo battle out this relationship thing.”

On what he loves about Robyn, Tyler remarks “I never knew what love was until I met Robyn. I had never looked at a girl and been totally vulnerable. Every morning I wake up next to her and feel truly happy. It’s the little things, the little idiosyncrasies that only I know about. I’m not perfect and neither is she but there is no doubt we are perfect for each other.” He continues “We are a perfect storm and I love her more and more every day. To list all the things I love about this girl, it would take a lifetime because it’s everything that encapsulates her, it’s everything that encapsulates us and the fact she makes me strive to become the man she deserves in this life, no small task. Lastly, she feels like home in a way that nobody ever could ….. but I think above all else she makes good coffee and that’s important!”

On what she loves about Tyler, Robyn tells “I love how incredible a man he is thus far, strong and charismatic, protective and hilarious, yet I get to see this beautiful softness and vulnerability! I am so physically attracted to him as well, I’ve never had such a pull over me!”