Erin & Sam

Oh, how I love a love story that is as beautiful and natural as Erin & Sam’s. A day that culminated in a celebration that showcased the best of the Australian countryside in a beautiful soft & rustic country wedding, a day that was all about the special magic these two share. It was all captured beautifully by Quince & Mulberry Studios.

It was at work that these two found each other, telling us their story today. “We met while working together at Blockbuster Kenmore 6 years before we were married. Erin was dating someone else at the time… 2 years after we met Sam FINALLY asked Erin out.”

“I  must mention the Ink Refinery. Amy was an absolute legend. She and I worked closely together to design a gorgeous invitation suite that married up with our theme and atmosphere. She suggested this stunning recycled handmade paper that just made our invitations,” tells Erin of the beautiful stationery suite designed by The Ink Refinery.

“I had followed Jennifer on Instagram for a while before becoming engaged. She had designed dresses for girls I had worked with and I just simply LOVED her work. It wasn’t until I was engaged that I really started looking at them. I had my heart set on the Anja gown from day one. There is just something so stunning about it. So simple but so beautiful,” remarks Erin of her beautiful Jennifer Gifford Designs lace gown which featured three quarter lace sleeves. She adds “I went to try it on, with the mindset of “don’t get your hopes up, items of the rack never fit you so it’s OK if this one doesn’t” mainly to stop any disappointment I would have had had it not fit, suited etc. BUT it was amazing and I cried my eyes out. It was and still is so perfect. Jenny was also just an absolute gem to work with. She made the process so easy.”

“We find it hard to label the style/theme of our wedding. We really wanted to compliment the venue. To feel one with nature and surrounds, and to really appreciate the beauty that is Brookfield.” says the bride of their wedding venue Brookfield Hall. Remarking  “Brookfield is an area very dear to our hearts. We both grew up attending the Brookfield Show and living very close. The botanical theme influenced the atmosphere of the evening and helped to make it a natural and relaxed environment that let us celebrate our love, family, and friends.”

Erin and Sam enlisted the team at Main Event Weddings to not only plan and style their day but also create the floral arrangements – their work giving the day a distinctly soft, rustic country vibe. “The florals… OH, MY GOODNESS. Main Event DELIVERED with the florals. Our brief was “natives with hints of jewel toned ruby and burgundies”. We wanted both flowers that would compliment the outfits our bridal party was wearing and lots of greenery to compliment the venue and theme.” says Erin.


The processional song was a tough choice for Erin and Sam, who explain “We chose “EmmyLou” by Vance Joy – this song was originally our first dance song. The first music gig we ever went to together was a $10 per ticket gig to see Vance Joy in the Valley. He and his band mates managed to smash our friend’s phone screen (he was fangirling and they dropped his phone mid photo) then play one of the most amazing sets we’ve ever seen. Emmy Lou has been our song since, and we always knew it would play a big part on our wedding day. First, Sam was walked down the aisle by two of his three sisters (the third was a bridesmaid). Sam is incredibly close with his sisters and we wanted them involved in our day. My dad walked me, Erin, down the aisle. My parents can be very traditional and having just my dad walk me down the aisle was an obvious choice. He was proud as punch and I’ll never forget that moment.”

Johanna Murray of Vogue Vows officiated the ceremony, kicking it off with a very special reading for the couple, who remember “We did not include any formal readings by guests at the ceremony. We did, however, ask Johanna (celebrant) to deliver the opening monologue of the film Love Actually. One of the first traditions we ever created was to watch both Love Actually and Elf in the days leading up to Christmas. It continues to be a tradition, if we’re honest we watch it every couple months when we’re feeling nostalgic or can’t decide what else to watch. So, it was important to us to include this opening monologue… Because love, actually, is all around.”

“There is one photo that we both agree is one of our favourites. There is a moment just after the ceremony finishes and we’re in the middle of being ambushed by congratulating family and friends. In this photo, we’ve managed to find a ‘moment in the madness’ where we’re just going “WOW, we just did that”.”

“We tried our best to include our family in our bridal party. Our Maid of Honour and Best Man are our closest friends – Sophie and James are actually engaged now!! The rest of the bridal party included Erin’s siblings (two sisters and one brother), Sam’s brother-in-law and cousin.”

Of their photographer, Erin gushes ” Kate… I honestly don’t know where to begin because I am speechless when it comes to her. Kate was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. I remember I called her one day to enquire about prices, availability etc… we spent 5 minutes talking wedding and then about 40 minutes just talking. She is so wise and calm, so happy and funny and just so lovely. She and I bonded over the fact that Sam should wear a bowtie for the day and that we should adopt a cat (we have adopted a fur-child since the wedding – thanks, Kate!!). Because of her, we have the most beautiful images of our wedding, and I’m sure a life long friend.”

As self-confessed green thumbs, the newlyweds gifted their guests packets of seeds as wedding favors.

The newlyweds chose to pay homage to their love of live concerts with their first dance, remarking “Our first dance was to ‘Leef’ by Ball Park Music. This is a band who we’ve seen live a number of times and really love. At the time it was quite a new song but instantly struck a chord with us as it is such a beautiful love song.”

Erin tells “There are so many details that I could mention as my favourite, but I think I have to say our outdoor dance floor would be my favourite from the day. There was just so much joy in one place.”

The newlyweds chose Lemon Tree Film House to capture the magic of their day on film. Every minute is pretty much filled with the warmest of fuzzies (including that beginning vow, sob!)!

Congratulations on spending the rest of your lives together Erin and Sam! Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Thank you also to the lovely Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios. for sharing today’s wedding!