Jaclyn & Arjun

There is something magically ethereal about this romantic underwater shoot in Maui by Love + Water Photography. In her billowing gown, the bride floats under the water in the most vivid of blues, the love story taking on an almost surreal vibe as the water takes away all sense of grounding gravity.

Jaclyn + Arjun, who married just months earlier in the mountains of Maui, took to the coastline of Maui for a shoot that captured the “other” side of what they love about the island. Pastel coloured skies and the indigo blue of the sea contrasted beautifully to create a different kind of love shoot.

Jaclyn notes “Adam and Shawn were both great to work with. I normally think of professional photo shoots as being long and stressful, and it never felt that way with them. The shoot evolves organically as they work with what nature gives them in that moment. Their confidence puts you at ease during the photo shoot, and they are truly friendly and genuine people. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for engagement, wedding or trash the dress photographers.”

On what they love about one another, the couple note “We both love that we can tell each other anything without judgement. We also can spend most of our time together and enjoy every minute of it. We are best friends.”

Jaclyn tells of the proposal “We live on Maui and he proposed 10,000 feet above sea level, at the top of Haleakala Crater. He had said he wanted to try to take some pictures of the sunset and stars to practice using his new camera, but it looked pretty cloudy on our way up. I didn’t want to burst his bubble, though, because he said he really wanted to try.

When we got to the top of Haleakala there was this beautiful rainbow but, otherwise, you couldn’t see the sunset or even a glimpse of the sky at all. Suddenly there was the briefest glimpse of blue as a cloud moved and he began taking out his camera. I was confused that he decided to set up his gear on the tripod since we were basically standing in a white cloud and the conditions didn’t seem like they were going to get better for photos. I was especially bewildered when he set up his camera behind me. It made sense after he proposed, and I found out he was recording the proposal. I was definitely surprised!”