Skye is a journalist and the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Fit Traveller. The Fit Traveller is an online destination that showcases wellness, luxury, adventure and culinary travel from around the globe.

Skye spends a lot of her time travelling and road testing everything from 5 star hotels, new restaurants, tours, activities to new fitness trends, helping her readers plan their next weekend or holiday away. Skye joined us to share her favourites in travel.

What is your favourite region?

Europe will always have my heart. I lived in Spain many years ago while at university and I have always felt that Europe is my second home. Anywhere in the region, I feel like I can kick off my shoes and really relax and take everything in while I am there, whether it be wandering the streets of Paris or road tripping the Italian countryside. I haven’t been back now for a couple of years and can’t wait to return next year for a month-long trip.

Top resort recommendation?

There are two that have stood out for me personally in the last few years; Santa Marina Mykonos and Hotel Rosa Alpina in Italy. Both are completely different in terms of location, but similar in that they are both ultra luxury, family owned boutique hotels.

Santa Marina Mykonos sits on the headland overlooking Ornos Bay in Mykonos. It has a private beach, stunning facilities and suites and the service is second to none.

Hotel Rosa Alpina is a luxury home away from home in the Dolomites in Italy. From the moment we stepped into the foyer, we knew we wanted to extend our stay. We felt like part of the family. We spent the days hiking and biking in the mountains and came home to the most beautiful suite and incredible local, organic food. I still dream about that hotel.

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities?

We like to stay active as a couple so I think if you are that way inclined it’s important to pick a location and a hotel that allows you to get out and stay active and explore. We spent 7 weeks in Europe for our own honeymoon and in each spot we tried out new running routes to nearby towns each morning, spent the days at the beach or on a boat, booked fun day trips and ate and drank delicious local food and wine. It really was the perfectly balanced honeymoon which is what a honeymoon should be all about.

The ideal location for a proposal

I think that definitely depends on the couple. It needs to be special to them and their relationship in particular. My husband proposed to me in Barcelona because he knew the city means so much to me and he had also fallen in love with it after I took him there on our first trip to Europe together. We returned to the same spot where he proposed on our honeymoon to remember the moment so it makes the city even more special for us both now.

Best kept secret honeymoon location

For couples looking for the quintessential beach, book, cocktail scenario…

Parts of Indonesia (Komodo, Lombok), Malaysia (Langkawi and Sabah), Thailand (Phi Phi and Phuket) and the Philippines offer a similar experience for those lusting over the typical Maldives honeymoon. The Maldives are incredible, but it you don’t have the budget you don’t have the miss out on similar experience; over water bungalows, delicious food, beach and poolside relaxing.


For couples seeking adventure…

Staying in the desert in Australia’s Northern Territory, hiking and biking in Slovenia or beach hopping in Montenegro would all be amazing honeymoon trips for those who are well travelled or looking for something a little different.

All images via Skye from The Fit Traveller

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