Image by Look See. Photography by Naomi Fenton via Sophie and Nathan’s Tasmanian Barn Wedding

Having been involved in over hundreds of weddings and now being a parent myself, it has given me a different perspective of the role parents play in weddings.

Currently, the focus is very much that the wedding day belongs to the couple.

I’m sure even as a non-parent, one will see the numerous articles dedicated to parenting topics. Much time, energy and money are spent on providing the best for their children or just to make them smile and laugh.

Image by Folklore Weddings via Ashleigh and Luke’s Relaxed Bunker Bay Wedding

So dare I suggest to brides and grooms out there to spare a thought for loving mum and dad on your day. Understand that they may be respecting the wedding day is yours – but for most, your happiest day is their latest happiest day because they have spent most of their life trying to create and ensure happiness for you. To see the child you love more than your own life find happiness with a soulmate is an emotion far more complex and indescribable than your own wedding day.

Image by Artography via Caitlin and Brad’s Sweet Montville Wedding

You don’t have to do much – maybe schedule a quiet moment during the day with mum and/or dad. Give them the honour of putting the veil/buttonhole on you. A ‘first look’ with parents can be just as emotional. Consider a note of ‘thank you’ to be given quietly (but captured by the photographer and videographer) or read out at the ceremony that is more than just the basic thank you in the speeches.  For those of you who can relate to this article, you have been blessed with loving parents. There is always space for a bit more love on your special day.

Yes, it is still ‘your’ special day. It is just also special to a few additional people.

Ms Polka Dot says: Not only is your wedding day about your family and friends surrounding you with love, it is also your chance to acknowledge all the love your parents have given you in meaningful ways – whether that is public or with a small private gesture.

About Mona Chung-Chao: I love being part of weddings as a Civil Marriage celebrant. My style is about making the day meaningful and memorable. My style is very much about a celebrant bringing together family and friends and recognising those relationships that are important because they make the bride and groom who they are today.