Image by Sonja C Photography via Leigh and Craig’s Sweet Sydney Engagement

Whether you’ve bought the ring and decided when to propose, or are just thinking about dropping and popping in the near future, there are a few generic clichés to avoid. After all, getting engaged is a huge occasion in your life, you’ve only got one shot to get it right, and you’ll be retelling the proposal story for years to come. That should be enough motivation to avoid these five clichéd proposals.

1. At a sports stadium

 It doesn’t matter whether you’re the team’s number one fans, proposing on the field or on the screen of a sports game is a no go. If she says no, you’ll have humiliated yourself in front of a stadium full of people which is bad enough. If she says yes, what do you do afterwards? Go back to watching the second half of the game, along with everyone else? It might have worked in Never Been Kissed, but that was the 90’s and you’re no Sam Coulson.

Image via Visit Victoria

2. On Valentine’s Day

Is there anything more generic than proposing on Valentine’s Day? We all know a couple who’ve done it, and there’s always the inevitable Valentine’s Day wedding to go with it. Proposing on February 14 doesn’t show much originality or creativity and it just seems like the easy option. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not is up to you, but be warned: if you choose to go out to dinner and propose, don’t expect to be the only guy in the restaurant down on one knee.

 Image by Amanda Afton Photography, Ring from Stelios Jewellers via Autumnal Orchard Wedding Inspiration

3. At the top of the Eiffel Tower/Empire State Building

 A holiday engagement makes for a great story but at the top of the tallest building in that city? Not very unique. The queues to get up to these iconic landmarks can be hours long, giving an indication of just how many people will be at the top with you. If you want to propose in front of an audience, you’ll have one here that’s for sure. Again, think of after the moment: you propose and then what? Get ushered into a queue with hundreds of other tourists to cram into a lift to get back down.

Photo by Rafael Kellermann Streit on Unsplash

4. Putting the ring in food

Going out to dinner and asking the chef to put the engagement ring in your date’s food or wine glass has been done a million times before. Don’t be the million and first. Not only is it a choking hazard, it’s awkward to fish out of the glass or spit out of your mouth when it’s been discovered. Messy, difficult and generic, best to leave this one to the cringe-worthy movies.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

5. At someone else’s wedding

Sitting at the top of the list of where not to propose is at someone else’s wedding. Ugh. There have been a few of these photos doing the rounds on Facebook, you know the one of a guy down on one knee in front of someone else’s bridal table. Seriously, choose any other day to propose and let your mates have their wedding day to, you know, celebrate themselves. 

Image by Kat Stanley via Bek & Wayne’s Nautical Luxe Watsons Bay Wedding

Ms Polka Dot says: Sure to bring a smile to your face these five tips on clichéd proposals should get you thinking too. Make sure your proposal is sincere and heart-felt, rather than a grand gesture with so much potential to go wrong! And seriously – at someone else’s wedding? The height of bad etiquette!