Brianna & Michael

With the stunning country setting filled with fire lit Autumn trees, Jennifer Burch Photography captured the magic Autumnal engagement photos of today’s loved up couple Brianna and Michael. With Brianna’s emerald green gown against the tones of orange and red, and a love story that was told in perfect detail unfolding – what could be better to celebrate my favourite season?

Michael has joined us today to share the story of how he and Brianna went from a website to falling in love. “Bree and I met on eHarmony during March 2015. We were skeptical of online dating, however, we both worked up the courage to give it a shot. We were both online for a couple of months before we came across each other’s profile. We didn’t spend much time talking online as we decided it was too difficult to find out if the other person was genuine. So we did what anyone else would do and before meeting up for the first time, we stalked each other on Facebook. Once we had a better understanding of who each other was, it was time to meet.

What better place to meet for the first time than San Churro at Erina Fair. Bree walked in and saw me sitting at one of the tables, (we still go back there, sit at the same table and reminisce) we had no idea that this moment would be the start of our incredible journey together.

The first meeting went well, so we decided to see each other the following weekend. We met for a second time at San Churro, still testing the waters, and continued to find out about each other. There wasn’t any silence, that’s for sure. We had so much to learn about each other.”


“The third time we met, we were a bit more adventurous. We met at Oomph Cafe, East Gosford. The conversation didn’t seem to cease. Breakfast soon turned into lunch and lunch soon turned into afternoon tea. As the weather wasn’t that great, we decided to go for a walk between cafe hopping, we walked up and down the East Gosford ‘Esplanade.’ We walked and walked and talked and talked. I think the busker on that day must have gotten sick of us passing him every 10 minutes. As we walked and talked, I dropped a bombshell. Now my attire on all of these dates had one common theme…country. I had the boots, the jeans, the jacket, the hair cut and numerous flannos, I thought I looked great. If you passed me, you could have easily thought I had just walked off a farm. This is how I started said bombshell, “I’d love to move to the country some day.” At the time Bree was gracious and brushed past my comment. Bree later tells me that in this moment she thought, “Well, looks like it’s over…” But as we continued to see each other, my farm life drifted into the distance and Bree stole my heart.

The dates continued. Cafe here, movie there. Even the occasional hand holding…”

“Then came the day I thought I would step it up a notch and invite Bree to come on a road trip with me to the Blue Mountains. We had been seeing each other for 4 months at this point, which brings our story to the 18th of July. At this time it had been snowing a lot and we thought it would be a fun idea to go snow chasing. We drove up, we had an awesome day together, even built two snow men in someone’s front yard. On the drive back, we were talking, and Bree said the fateful phrase, “So, what are we? People are asking if we are dating… are we?” Before a second could even pass I instantly replied, “Heck yes!”

We had to celebrate somehow, now that we were ‘official’. We weren’t home just yet, so we thought, let’s catch a movie and go on our first date. The only movie theatre close to us was the glamorous Bankstown Centro Hoyts. Nothing quite says love and romance like Bankstown.”

“It’s fair to say the rest is history, Bree and I have been on this amazing, fun, stretching, love filled journey for two years now and we are so excited to continue to see God’s plans for us unfold. We have achieved so much together in such a short time, we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in a lifetime together.

Bring it on I say, the best is yet to come.”