Van Dan Vintage Caravan

My diary is without doubt my most important tool of the trade!

When I decided to start Van Dan Vintage Caravan, a diary was one of the first items I purchased.
Being a young, somewhat unorganised male just making it up as I went, I had a sudden realisation that I had to start writing things down.

Since starting back in 2014 I’ve always had a diary. As the business has gained momentum, the pages have gained more sticky notes (another tool worth a mention!)

I would definitely get myself into more trouble without a diary. Wedding seasons have limited dates and double bookings are my biggest fear!

In an age that is ruled by technology and devices, putting pen to paper in the humble diary is still simply the best!

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Oh how I love the ‘old fashioned’ sticky notes; I’d be lost without my paper diary too!

About Dan: Hi, I’m Dan from Van Dan Vintage Caravan. Our vintage caravan ‘Willow’ boasts a beautiful solid timber bar which will keep you and your guests refreshed with bubbles, beer, wine, cider or soft drinks. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birthday, family event, fete or garden party, we would love to bring Willow along to enhance your special day!