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Festivals bring colour and life to cities across the globe and with it comes an experience unlike any other. Celebrate a new life with a newly minted partner surrounded by the contagiously fun atmosphere that only comes with a party. Enjoy unfamiliar cuisines, dance to the beat of a different drum, and lose yourself in the playfulness and vigour of festivals across the world on your honeymoon.

Wife-Carrying Championships

We’re hoping you and your partner have that crossing-the-threshold-tradition down before you hit Finland because the act of carrying your wife has become a huge thing over the last twenty years. The wife-carrying contestants have to first bear down against a 250 metre long course – with the odd obstacle thrown in every now and then. Although the rules are a little slack on whose wife you have to be carrying, we have to recommend teaming up with your new hubby and really putting your new marriage to the test. What better way to do that than in one of Finland’s most bizarre festivals?

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The competitions are usually held in the Eastern Finland province. The area is incredibly gorgeous, much like the rest of Finland, so it isn’t too hard to find a slice of heaven during the festival. We recommend checking out the lovely Cumulus City and Resort in the heart of Kuopio where the classical architecture is made that much more wonderful with its friendly service. For something with character and charm, have a look at the always colourful Scandic where style meets convenience.

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Marrakesh Popular Arts Festival

Morocco’s former imperial city, Marrakesh, is almost always a vibrant place of colour, passion, and life but somehow the medieval city manages to intensify that atmosphere every year when the Popular Arts Festival comes home. Artists, dancers, singers, and even fortune tellers make an appearance during the festival, wowing tourists and locals with the dizzying array of colour, music, and entertainment. Most of the events take place on the grounds of El Badi Palace, a field that once held a magnificent 1600s palace and is still just as beautiful as it has ever been.

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Marrakesh is a beautiful mixture of Moroccan chic, colour, and history, so it’s no wonder the hotels are as popular as they are. The gorgeous Riad Romance’s 17th Century charm is relaxing, peaceful, and beyond lovely. On top of that, the hotel comes with incredible views of the Atlas Mountains and Morocco’s medina. With equally dazzling views, the unforgettable Palais Khum comes with a decorative, historic atmosphere that shows through in its unique character.

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Although you can always expect an explosion of culture and tradition via the music and the artistry of Morocco’s best, the festival is also a very real excuse to take advantage of the area’s cuisines, souvenir shopping and incredible views. Enjoy everything from belly dancers to pop musicians, retire to beyond comfortable hotels and then start the entire day again under the vibrant celebration of Morocco’s art.

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Festival of the Redeemer

Take your honeymoon to Italy and truly enjoy everything Venice has to offer during one of their biggest and oldest festivals. The Festival of the Redeemer dates back to the 1500s and came to be after the construction of the Basilica of Palladio on the island of Giudecca, shortly after the city survived a devastating plague. Despite its shaky beginnings, the festival brings the entire city of Venice to life in something so breathtaking and unreal it will be hard to truly capture its beauty to show others back home. During the day, the festival will feature several religious processions as well as concerts and regattas but it’s the fireworks at night that are the real show stoppers. We can’t rate Venice any higher for a honeymoon location, but add in a festival and you have yourself a honeymoon unlike any other.

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The hotels in Venice are always a treat – and really how could they miss with the views and the atmosphere that comes exclusively with being in the centre of this city? We’re so in love with the Hotel Moresco, a peaceful hotel that’s conveniently close to the best of the city while also offering stylish rooms, a lounge bar, and world class service. For a hotel just as charming, have a look at the always lovely Hotel L’Orologio. The hotel overlooks the Canal Grande, and offers guests a modern look into Venice.

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The festivities in Venice are some of the most beautiful and spectacular experiences in the world. Not only are you in one of the most romantic cities in the world, but you get to also see just how much more the city can truly illuminate. There’s no better time to experience that kind of magic than during your honeymoon. So pack a bag, throw in a camera, and head straight for Venice and the fireworks that light up the night.

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July’s festivals are all dazzling reflections of their locations made that much more special by the passionate atmosphere bought to life by years and years of tradition. Test out your physical skills on a platform specifically designed for married couples, indulge in the arts of Morocco, or wander the canals of Venice. Whatever you choose, your July honeymoon is sure to be one for the scrapbooks.

Ms Polka Dot says: My pick would be Venice – always a lovely city to celebrate anything in. But then  again – Morocco and Finland….hmmm



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