Joanne & Matthew

Joanne and Matthew planned their classically glamorous Perth wedding to feature many personal (and fun!) details throughout the day. From the beautifully designed gowns to the donut dessert bar, we are smitten with this gorgeous celebration! Bianca Kate Photography was on hand to capture every stunning detail.

Starting out as friends has ended very happily for our bride and groom, with Joanne telling, ”Matt and I met through my cousin Maria. We had been friends for many years before officially becoming a couple in 2010. It was when Matt lost his licence and I was driving him around to catch up with mutual friends that we began to hang out more often. As they say, the rest is history!”

Wanting a dress that would reflect her style and personality, Joanne was thrilled with Zanzis Couture. She remembers, ”When I met Jennifer she took to the time to know me and to understand my style and what I was thinking. She understood the importance of creating a gown that was just for me. I knew I wanted something a little different but something still classic. As soon as I decided the base colour would be nude tulle, it all started from there. I trusted Jennifer’s expertise and with every fitting we created the beautiful gown I have today.” And in choosing some favourite details of the day, Joanne says, ”I’d have to say my Sophia Webster Evangeline Angel Wing heels, and the creating of my wedding dress and designing of the bridesmaid dresses from Champagne Couture.”

Keeping their attire traditional, the groom and groomsmen wore black suits with white shirts, and accessorised with a black bow tie from Tony Barlow Formal hire.

Joanne recalls of the May day, ”It was quite hot (reaching 38 degrees!), so although there was air-conditioning in the church it was still really warm. My family and I are all quite emotional and so we agreed, as hard as it would be, no tears. We also didn’t want to ruin our incredible make-up! Surprisingly we all did really well, and it was a very joyful atmosphere. Our ceremony was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Hilton, as this was the school church we had been to when we were younger.” The bride was walked down the aisle by her father to an instrumental version of ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve.

Having built good relationships with their chosen vendors, Joanne couldn’t have been happier with how the day turned out. She shares, ”All of our vendors were really amazing. I took the time to research and meet everyone who was going to be a part of our special day. Everyone was so incredibly helpful and easy to work with, we were very lucky.” And particularly fond of Bianca Kate Photography, the bride raves, ”Bianca was just amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! Matt isn’t a fan of taking photos, so I wasn’t sure how it was all going to go. However Bianca made us feel so comfortable, I just felt like she was part of the bridal party. I couldn’t have been happier!

Creating a beautiful day was linked closely with the gorgeous blooms that would be arranged, and Joanne was delighted with the results. She shares, ”I worked with the wonderful Nakita at Touched By Angels to create the beautiful arrangements we had. I wanted quite loose arrangements with a lot of greenery, and chose roses in dusty pinks, deep reds and latte tones. These are colours I have always loved, and that remind me of my beautiful Nonna.”

As family was such an important part of the bride and groom’s day, they honoured Joanne’s two Nonna’s with beautiful heirlooms. The bride tells, ”My two Nonna’s were very special to me. Unfortunately they both passed away whilst we were planning the wedding, so I wanted to include them in as much of the day as I could. I had a pair of rosary beads and a beautiful rose brooch from both Nonna’s featured in my bridal bouquet. My Nonna Ferraro would wear the rose brooch to weddings, so my mum thought it would be a special piece to feature in my own.”

Wanting the day to be special for all their guests, Joanne says, ”I’m very much about the little hidden details. I think this is what makes a wedding personal and interesting. I included a lot of little details, from the church booklets to the personal bonbonnieres. I’m also a huge Disney fan, so I had Disney detailing throughout. The signing pen, cake top, ring pillow, and kids wedding favours were all Disney influenced.” Finding a reception venue was easy for the couple, with Joanne sharing, ”We fell in love with the State Reception Centre at Fraser’s Restaurant. It has a great reputation for good food and is a beautiful location that is central and looks over the city.”

Recalling the highlight of the evening, Joanne tells, ”Let me tell you about my mum and her dance solo. My mum is very quiet and shy, and doesn’t like the limelight. Her two favourite songs in the world are ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins and ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ by Rednex. Of course, I requested these two songs to the DJ, and when the first song came on my mum let loose on the dance floor. Everyone was in awe of her dancing,  this little lady was the centre of attention dancing up a storm! The highlight of a night we will never forget.” The bride and groom danced their first dance as husband and wife to ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by The Once.

Congratulations to our stunning bride and groom on your gorgeous wedding day, and thank you for sharing it with us! A special thank you also to Bianca Kate Photography for your beautiful photographs!