There is a reason that when Chosen By One Day bridal gowns hit our pages we tend to fall for them head first. The brand new collection, which is inspired by New York, is aptly named “Empire” and shows off every reason why.

With beautifully modern gowns that blend sleek silhouettes with feminine details like glittering gold sparkles, bustier necklines, delicate softly floating skirts and alluring low backs, the collection gives the bride-to-be who wants to blend a little of old and new a beautiful range of options.

Founder and creative director Khya notes of her inspiration, “the mix of textures and contrast between harsh lines and this delicate softness was what I wanted to portray with Empire. Each gown is named after a street or place in New York, a little memento for our next visit in October.”

The Chosen By One Day Empire Collection is available now.