Top 3 Things I Wish Our Clients Knew - Gill At Paddington Weddings

It is important to be yourself on your wedding day. Just because a gown suits you doesn’t mean you should wear it if it makes you feel uncomfortable, however good it looks! I always say to our brides that you want to look like a slightly more glamorous version of ‘YOU’ as you walk down the aisle. We don’t want your fiance wondering who that is standing next to him, he loves you for you after all. Pick a gown you feel the most yourself in and enjoy it.

Secondly, if you are going on a huge fitness campaign before your wedding day. please do it early and not the month of your wedding. We measure our brides 12 weeks out from the wedding and then start to create her gown over five fittings; this allows us to cut the gown hopefully at the shape the bride will be and then no huge alterations should be needed. If you have to take a gown in several sizes at the end it can start to buckle and twist and not look as perfect. Again just be yourself and pick a gown that suits your body shape as it is and then any changes are a bonus not a necessity.

And last but not least, ‘less is always more!’ I find the most simple, elegant bridal gowns have the most pop on the day. Avoid an over designed gown which swamps you. Pick a wedding dress created in beautiful fabric that is cut to perfection and let that and YOU shine.


Ms Chinoiserie Says: The old adage about ‘less is more’ is so true; keep things simple and let your inner beauty shine through on your very special day!

About Paddington Weddings: Incorporating Bertossi Brides, our ‘less is more’ philosophy has built up an excellent reputation within the Australian bridal industry, winning many awards over the last 25 years. We are renowned for our simple, classical and elegant designs, only working with the best quality silks and European laces.