The Ultimate Guide To Being The Best Groom Ever

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A wedding is more than just a ceremony and reception. Your wedding is a symbol of your love. Each wedding is unique to the specific bride and groom but don’t forget that this day belongs to both of you. There cannot be just a bride, for without the groom, there cannot be a wedding, right?

Why You Need To Help

Hey, fellas! It’s your wedding too! Just because you haven’t been thinking about your wedding day since you were five doesn’t mean that your opinion doesn’t count. If your fiancé is like most brides, she does want your opinion and expects you to be helpful. When a groom shows interest on his wedding day, he essentially is saying to his bride, “Honey, I am interested in you and us. I want to be partners in this marriage right from the very start.”

The key to harmonious wedding planning is for you and your fiancé to be in agreement on the style and “feel” that you’re looking to express on your wedding day, and keep your ideas within the boundaries suggested by this style. Sit down and talk about what your “ideal” wedding would be. Are you both thinking of something that is casual and intimate? Do you picture just your closest and nearest-and-dearest friends and family, or is everyone in attendance?

You can also show your interest in the wedding planning in little romantic gestures. Just because you’ve got her to say “Yes,” and that she is going to be saying “I do” does not mean that you don’t have to work at this relationship anymore.

Let’s look at some ways you can help your bride-to-be plan a wedding that reflects both of you, and some ideas to let her know that you’re thinking of her.

A List Of Things You Can Help With

Groom’s Responsibilities at the Reception
Since the reception is essentially equivalent to the first dinner party that a couple will give, one of the primary responsibilities that you, the groom (along with your bride), should do is to mingle with your guests. However, your job doesn’t end (or start) here with a simple, “So glad to see you. Thanks for coming.” To make this a truly enjoyable and memorable event for everyone, you need to offer some way for your guests to get involved. Whether it’s a cocktail reception or a sit-down meal with dancing, a wedding should not be a spectator sport!

Ultimate Guide To Being The Best Groom Ever

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Formalities – Old and New
At the reception, the groom usually partakes in such formalities as the cake cutting ceremony and the first dance with his new wife. This is why you as a groom need a ‘to-do’ list. However, don’t hesitate about injecting something other than the “tried and true.” Believe me, your guests will welcome a change of pace. If you have assigned tables, name the tables instead of numbering them. You can use favourite movies or song titles – or names of places that are special to you and your fiancé. Make it unique to you and your bride.

The Ultimate Guide To Being The Best Groom Ever

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Fun Stuff for Your Guests
Do you like crossword puzzles or word finds? Why not have some made that are about the two of you? Assemble a time capsule which will be opened on a specified anniversary and include comments from your guests. Make up short questionnaires for them to fill out that ask such things as, “The couple has lived in this many homes: ____” and “They have these many beautiful children: ____.” Then open up the capsule on your fifth or tenth anniversary and have fun reading what your guests wrote.

Making suggestions like these will not only impress your bride, but she will also be thrilled that you’re helping in such a way.

Ways to Calm Your Bride

Words for Her
Can you play, or sing in a band? Then why not surprise your new bride by serenading her with a beautiful love song? Or, if you can’t carry a tune, compose a lovely poem for your bride and read it at the reception. If you’re shy, or just too overcome with emotion, you can always ask someone else to read it. Make her feel like you’re the only two people at the reception.

The Ultimate Guide To Being The Best Groom Ever

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First Dance
Suggest dance lessons for you and your bride. Since all the eyes will be on both of you, you will want to look good on the dance floor and after a few lessons, you will be more comfortable. While your first dance doesn’t have to rival anything seen on “Dancing with the Stars,” you’ll probably want to be a bit classier than just doing the old “high school sway.” If you know that your bride is a performer at heart, surprise her with lessons to choreograph a dance for your reception.

Be The Most Awesome Groom… Ever

A Just Because
A gift for your bride “just because” is pretty awesome, giving her something that she totally didn’t expect will not only make her jaw drop, but she may even shed a few happy tears when she sees that you bought her a gift that she can totally enjoy.

Gift ideas can include but are not limited to: A massage or spa packaged at the honeymoon if you have not already purchased one, an appointment for matching tattoos,  a coupon to clean the entire house (top to bottom-no skimping), folding the laundry for a week, a spa day to use when she returns home, a bottle of wine to celebrate your one year anniversary, and so on and so forth. You don’t have to spend money to make your bride happy, but make sure you follow through on all of your gifts.

A Small Note
Write a note, from the heart, to the bride. Let the bride know all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Tell her why you can’t wait to marry her or tell her your favourite memory.

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To make it even more special, give each of her maids a note for her to read at different moments of the day before your ceremony. Showing that you put thought into it will not only impress the bride, but you’ll impress the maids too. You’ll be the talk of the town.

It does not take a lot to get your guests involved, nor do the added elements have to be expensive. Just a little thoughtfulness towards how your guests can spend some time and some creativity is necessary. If you can do this for all of your guests, be sure that you do it for your bride too. Your bride is an important piece of the puzzle so why not dazzle her, help her, and make her feel special?


Ms Chinoiserie Says: So many ways to show your bride that you love her – a song or poem written just for her is sentimental and unforgettable!