Most Important Tool Of The Trade

At Little Black Bow Photography, things are busy! Couples to meet, weddings to shoot and images to edit! My most important tool of the trade would be my iphone calendar; it basically helps me plan my whole business and my whole life – including how to work around school and my husband’s shift work!

Ms Chinoiserie Says: I’d be lost without my calendar too; it’s almost like a personal assistant! Pity Siri can’t make appointments!

About Little Black Bow Photography: Hi, I’m Dea! With my background in art and photography and love for old fashioned commitment and story telling, photographing families and weddings was something that happened organically after my nanna passed away in 2003. After she died, I sat and looked through her old photo albums and realised what I always wanted to be as a kid was a really important part in preserving people’s memories.