I am always intrigued when I come across makers – people who are incredibly passionate about what they do and want to immerse themselves in the world of it. These custom handmade rings by the label Ruusk exemplify what it means to put that passion into jewels.

Designer Tania Gnecchi Ruscone (recently engaged herself!) launched her brand in 2015 and this month reinvents her offerings to allow couples to choose and design their rings online. Choosing from a multitude of combinations (which total to 8000 possible designs), the digital technology allows one to access Tania’s handmade craftsmanship from their couch.

Tania saying, of her new concept and collection, “I want to create pieces that people want and choose to own, now and forever. Made with love, worn with soul.”

Each ring is available in 9ct, 14ct or 18ct, white, yellow or rose gold, with different colour diamonds (clear, champagne or black) in a variety of cuts and finishes, all with a very modern sense of design.

Tania’s philosophy centres around creating heirloom pieces – the ones that you see on a person day in, day out, that become part of their being. Each piece is handmade by Tania using traditional ring making techniques, using Australian gold to ensure they meet ethical standards.

Ruusk handmade rings are available via the website.