Behind The Door With.....Tyla Miller Hair And Makeup

For many brides having a professional ‘do’, their hair and makeup on their wedding day is a lovely experience of calm and fun before everything gets crazy! It’s a big responsibility and it’s important to select just the right person with a combination of talent, creative flair and who can work under pressure. This week I’m going Behind The Door With someone who knows just how to get it right – Tyla Miller of Tyla Miller Hair and Makeup. 

Tyla has worked in the hair and beauty industry for eleven years and in 2015 decided to take the plunge and open her own studio in Melbourne’s High Street, Preston. “When I saw the space I loved the location and how bright and airy it was,” says Tyla. “It only needed a few cosmetic changes and it was ready to open.” Previously a retail store, Tyla tells me she and her partner did all of the work themselves, painting and adding new features to make it the hair and beauty oasis it is today.

“I started with my logo and then designed the interior of the space to match,” says Tyla. The colour scheme of modern black, white and blush is very apparent in the studio and I love the pops of copper and lush green plants. There’s all the little luxuries of visiting a great hairdresser like magazines, a tea and coffee menu and even beautiful window seats with lush cushions for waiting. Tyla tells me her favourite part of the space is the makeup area with everything on display for the beauty addict to choose from!

Tyla is a very popular choice for brides and bridal parties and tells me that she normally travels to clients for weddings. “It’s become really popular to rent a beautiful house or hotel room and get ready there,” says Tyla. “It makes the getting ready bit into a special event all on its own”. Tyla shares the studio with two other hairdressers and a beautician which she says is perfect because the space gets used even on weekends when she is out at weddings.

I love a space that changes and Tyla has designed the space so that with a quick swish of a curtain there’s a private area for beauty treatments such as teeth whitening and spray tans as well. “I always wanted a space where women could go to get all their hair and beauty needs met,” says Tyla. “It’s not unusual for brides to visit me for appointments leading up to the wedding and then become my clients afterwards.”

Tyla is even hoping to create special hair and beauty night in the future, perfect for girls catchups and as a fun pre wedding event. It must be fantastic for brides to be able to visit and feel as beautiful as they did at the wedding even after the day itself!

Images by Tyla Miller


Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a beautiful studio – the hair and beauty night is such a great idea; perfect for a girls’ catch up!

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