Claire & Ben

We love a little fun when it comes to engagements on Polka Dot Bride and these fun lemonade inspired engagement photos from Jess Matthews capture all the light and brightness of the warmer weather with a gorgeous love story of Claire & Ben weaving its way through the fun citrus inspiration.

Photographer Jess telling of the inspiration “When Claire told me she and Ben are to marry in a castle in Scotland later in 2017, I instantly knew we needed to create a unique idea for their Engagement Session. With very big personalities, I knew that yellow was something that matched them nicely. With summer on the way, we came up with the idea of a Lemonade stand!”

Claire tells of how she and Ben met. “We were flatmates, I had just come back from working away and needed a new place to stay and moved in with Ben and another friend.”

On what she loves about her future husband, Claire tells “Ben is thoughtful and caring, and loves me for who I am. I love the way he talks about our future children.”

“I think our funniest relationship story was our situation as flatmates, using any opportunity to hang out at our apartment together, watch car crash TV, making fun of each other, he even offered to vacuum my bedroom once ..”

On what he loves about Claire, Ben tells “Claire always laughs at my silly jokes, and when we look at each other we know exactly what the other is thinking.”

The proposal is one of Claire’s favourite stories. She tells “Ben had just arrived in Scotland, I had already been home for 5 weeks. We were in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we decided to try and go out for dinner. Edinburgh is very busy during the festival season so didn’t think we would get in anywhere. While I was in the shower Ben was “apparently” calling around to find availability at a restaurant. I came out the shower and informed me he managed to get a table at “Angels with Bagpipes”.

We went along and they took us to a small private area, which had lovely glass windows from the ceiling to the floor giving us views on to the Royal Mile. I thought we were just lucky to get the private area. We then decided to splash out and get champagne and make a night of it as we hadn’t seen each other in 5 weeks.

We just finished our starter and we were just talking about life in general when Ben told me he had booked the restaurant while in Australia, that’s when the penny started too sink… one thing led to another and he was down on one knee proposing… was perfect.

The night was perfect, it wasn’t over the top…just right for us, couldn’t have asked for anything more.”