I have just completed this amazing wedding arch for a bride who is getting married in Bali.  At first, we needed to sort a few things out –  such as what size to have and what style we’d design (love the beautiful rope!)

The bride wasn’t sure of the final look herself, so I explained that for impact the bigger the arch, the more impact she would have – whether standing in front of the arch or walking through it at her ceremony.

Up till now, I had no idea where the wedding was, I assumed it was here in Brisbane! So I started working out the size first and explained that she will definitely get more impact if she chose an arch with a six foot x  seven foot drop . The bride agreed, and I went ahead and started to design and make her beautiful wedding arch.

I was so happy with the finished product and I knew I needed to have it photographed and I thought the best way was to set it up in situ hanging from a tree – and what better way than to make use of my lovely garden setting in front of the house than to set the arch up against our very tall green hedge.

I then had to find a photographer to take the very best images; Claire Pitcher was wonderful and was happy with the styling of the arch and how it had been set up on a very long piece of dowel, resting on large loops of rope, suspended by our tree.  I could imagine the wedding party sitting in front of the curtain, and placed some chairs in rows to get a feel for the setting.

I sent an image to the client who was amazed with the setting and the wedding arch  – and then she told me that she was getting married in Bali! I mentioned that she would need someone over there to help out, as there was over seven kilograms of rope in the arch! Strong supports were definitely required and the bride assured me that someone in her wedding party would be put to the test to set it up, so I stopped worrying for her, and prepared the box for her to ship the whole thing over.

It was not just doing the whole production of the arch, but I was a bit worried how the bride would find a seven foot piece of dowel – because I couldn’t send that over!  So I used a good length of strong rope threaded through all of the numerous loops at the top in case she couldn’t find any length of dowel.  It’s always good to think ahead… and I’m sure the arch looked beautiful in its Bali setting!

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a great “sneak peek” into the time and planning it takes to create your beautiful macrame creations!

About Lux de Lin: Hi, I’m Rhonda! I’m a wedding planner, stylist and specialist artisan creator of  bespoke designs for indoor/outdoor settings – macrame wedding arches, chair covers, table decor and floral centrepieces as well as wedding jewels – think tiaras and headbands, bridal sashes and knitted veils.