Alison & Jason

As a homebody, I love the idea of having engagement photos taken in a space you love, a space you spend a great deal of time with your beloved (and four-legged friends) and a space where the majority of your “living” occurs, so when Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios sent this set of romantic at home engagement photos of Alison and Jason, I couldn’t wait to share it!

Alison tells the sale of how the couple came to be. “We met 6 years ago, through my older brother. Jason’s group of friends were friends with his group of friends and we were all out one night at the same bar. We spoke to each other a little bit and I remember thinking he had the most amazing blue eyes and a great sense of humour! I didn’t think I would see him again after that night but luckily one of our mutual friends tagged him in a few pictures I had taken and uploaded to Facebook. Before I knew it I had a new friend request and a cheeky message saying “sorry for being that drunk guy in your pictures” and from then the messaging didn’t stop and we started dating.”

On what they love about one another, Alison and Jason note “We love our unwavering support for one another and the way we are always open and honest with each other. Also, we always have fun together!”

Remembering one of their funnier stories of their time together, Alison tells “A few years ago we went to a music/musician dress up party. I was Beyonce from the Single Ladies film clip and he was George Michael. We thought the outfits we had put together were very obvious but hardly anyone knew who we were dressed as!! To people who didn’t know I must have looked like the crazy lady wearing the leotard in winter and him that guy wearing ladies sunglasses at night in a horrible denim jacket!”

It made sense that the couple chose their home for their engagement shoot – it was also where Jason proposed! Alison remembers “Jason turned to me one night while we were making dinner and shyly asked me to have a look at some rings with him. The next day we went to a jeweller and picked one together. That night he officially proposed to me by getting down on one knee in our living room while we were both in our PJs! He did have a plan to surprise me but like most things he wanted me involved in the process. We have never needed extravagant displays of affection to show our love for one another.”

Alison tells “The shoot  – it reflects who we are as a couple, relaxed and fun! We love our little home and have fallen in love with Toowoomba  so we wanted to feature some of our favourite places.”