6 Things To Love: Turtle Island

The exotic Turtle Island in Fiji is the perfect honeymoon destination. Home to only 14 couples at a time, Turtle Island is one of the most sought after honeymoon spots in the world. The sweet tropical scent, warm, crystal blue waters and your own private beach at the foot of your private Fijian villa is the most ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway. Here are six things to love about Turtle Island.

Villa bliss. These beautiful hand crafted villas are nestled along the famous Blue Lagoon, each with their own slice of white sandy private beach. These exquisitely intimate hideaways offer indulgent accommodation and a once in a lifetime experience.

Water time. Turtle Island is your own private tropical playground. Why not take a dip in their tropical waters or windsurf along the Blue Lagoon. If you and your new hubby are looking for a bit of adrenaline then windsurfing is a great activity for you both to do to explore the island’s waters. You will be able to explore all the island has to offer from the comfort of your board. You can soak up some sun and take a look at the beautiful beaches as you are carried away by the island wind.

Another great activity you two love birds can do together is paddle boarding. Go past the break of the waves and paddle around and watch the fish swim beneath you. Or why not grab a pair of flippers and a snorkel and swim amongst the breath taking ocean life and clear waters.

Romantic sunset cruise. Hire a glass bottom boat late afternoon and pack a picnic filled with fresh produce and a bottle of champagne and watch the sunset whilst fish swim beneath you. The staff at Turtle Island will be more than happy to help you organise this romantic cruise for the two of you. This is a great way for you to create lasting memories with your new husband. Honeymoon bliss!

Dining. Every evening on Turtle Island there is a dinner party held at several different locations. Cuisine, fine wines and cocktails are served under the stars and lantern light. In addition, there is the prospect of guests enjoying remote private dining for two in romantic and intimate settings. After dinner, enjoy the talented, entertaining Fijians as they perform their favourite traditional songs and dances.

Get active. If you two love birds are looking to get moving whilst on your blissful vacation then why not hire a couple of bikes and go and explore the island. There are a number of trails with great scenery for you two to experience and the terrain is just as mesmerising as the crystal blue waters.

Discover waterfalls pouring into cool crisp swimming holes as you marvel at the beauty of the surrounding native plants and wildlife. Fiji’s forests are home to a wide array of unique birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, insects and other invertebrates. Why not get up early one morning and watch the sunrise as you pedal around the enchanting island.

Unwind and revive. If you and your new husband want to unwind and revive yourselves after all your wedding stress then a traditional Fijian massage is the perfect way to relax. Vonu Spa is a romantic retreat nestled along Turtle Island’s Blue Lagoon. Scents of lavender, rosemary and lemongrass, the pleasures of candlelight, and the warm breezes of the South Pacific pervade this hidden jewel. With a luxurious range of massages to choose from, you and your partner are bound to find one to help you de-stress and maintain the honeymoon glow.

All images via Turtle Island

Ms Chinoiserie Says: Crystal waters and powdery sand, a champagne beach picnic followed by a romantic dinner under the stars – once in a life time memories to treasure!