Beautiful handmade bridal accessories are always a favourite of mine and the beautiful designs of Tania Maras (who used to be known as Percy Handmade) with their romantic, feminine aesthetic continue to set the standard for stunning bridal pieces.

Tania, is inspired by one sole mission “to redefine bridal accessories for the new generation of brides.” Each piece designed as something a bride connects to on a personal level, showcasing not only her personal style on her wedding day, but lasting to become an heirloom piece- a snapshot of a very important day passed down to generations to come.

Tania’s beautifully crafted wedding crowns, beaded hairpieces, delicate bridal jewels and ethereal wedding veils combine Tania’s feminine styling with a modern edge – giving brides to be the chance to experience the best of both worlds.

If the extensive ready to wear collection doesn’t take your fancy, Tania creates bespoke pieces with custom designs tailored to your own wishes and desires. Her Australian based team leave no bead unturned as they work to the highest of standards for every single creation.
The Heirloom collection is available via the Tania Maras website.