Image by Jonas Peterson via Monique and Matt’s Country Party Wedding

Ever thought about making a speech at your own wedding? Or just thought that was all for the boys? Gone are the days with the traditional order and layout of speeches – more and more the brides are getting up and having a say. So if you haven’t thought of taking the mic and having a go on your big day, here’s a few reasons you should consider the idea.

1. It’s still a little unexpected

Traditionally the groom speaks on behalf of the newly married couple to say thank you to various people. He also gets to say a few nice things about you (naw). And that’s just it – it’s traditional, it’s nice, and it’s expected. For many cultures it is not tradition for the bride to speak, no matter how much personality she has. Maybe now is the time you choose to break tradition and do the unexpected. And if you are a shy bride, standing up in front of your family and friends will be so far from expected, you just might steal the show. Keep the wonderful surprises and joy coming throughout the evening and keep some of the accolades for yourself by stepping up to the plate!

TIP – don’t tell anyone but the MC you’re speaking for a real surprise – be prepared to watch your beloved’s jaw drop!

2. You get to say what you want!

With the formal thank you requirements out of the way with your husband, and because the whole bride speaking thing is still a bit new, you have no obligation to stick to tradition. How many times in your life can you get up in front of your nearest and dearest and say whatever you want. Ideally, you would talk about relevant things, like you know, your husband, marriage and love, but the odd wander off for comedic pause is totally ok. It is a rare opportunity – seize the day and tell your world and your fella just how lucky you are to have married the love of your life.

Image by Bulb Creative via Britt & Mitch’s Breathtaking Belongil Beach Wedding

3. Take one for the team

For some, without tradition to guide you, the idea of no structure to a speech is overwhelming – I get that, trust me. So if you don’t want to steal the limelight altogether but just want to make sure you are included and the right people are acknowledged, why not share the role of the groom’s thank you speech? Agree as a couple who says what and who thanks who, even approach it as a team and speak together. Start your marriage off the right way – as a team! It’s a “win win”!

4. Set the tone

Feminism has given us a lot, but obviously it hasn’t extended to the modern wedding! Why let your husband speak for you on your wedding day when you wouldn’t let him speak for you every day? Start the journey on the right foot with your own voice and say what you need for yourself. Cue Kelly Clarkson and a bit of ‘Miss Independent’ – you got this girl!

Image by Elleni Toumpas Wedding Photography via Sabrina and James’ Intimate Melbourne Urban Wedding

5.’Cos you can

Yeah, that’s a reason! Why not? You planned the day, you designed it, you styled it, you saved for it, you dreamt about it – take the floor and a bow and say a few words from your heart to everyone that helped and to the man you get to spend the rest of your life with – the guy that made all of the above worth it.

Get up there and give it a go! You’ve got this girl!

Ms Chinoiserie Says:  Speaking at your own wedding is the perfect way to say thank you – to your family, friends, bridesmaids – and also to tell everyone how you fell in love with your new husband!

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