The stunning bold tones of this urban black and white wedding inspiration shoot against the urban backdrop of Brisbane give so much inspiration for using the dramatic tones at your own industrial celebration, but they also reflect the team’s own inspired message.

Hair and makeup artist Brenna Drury who teamed up with photographer Lovers of Moments , floral designer Flower Heart Designs and gown designer Be Yvaine was inspired after her own recent trip to the USA, where she was when the tragic events at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando unfolded.  She notes “I felt particularly alone. I was in complete disbelief that something so devastating could happen in the country I’m so proud to call home. All I wanted was to be there, helping out in any way I could”.

With bold black and white gowns, modern blooms and a sense of contemporary styling, the shoot highlighted the symmetry that can come together from difference, just as the team dreamed. Brenna adding “I wanted to use this photo shoot to represent the LGBT community of Brisbane and their fight for marriage equality, worldwide pride, femmes, love, and the victims of Pulse, who had their lives stolen from them doing what made them happy. The opportunity to collaborate with such a talented crew of woman on the other side of the world was an extremely empowering experience.”

For the bride’s hair and makeup styling, Brenna tells “With the beautiful design and styling in the back of Franky’s dress I chose a sleek, low, centred bun with volume and some texture. For makeup, I decided to accentuate her beautiful brown eyes with black smoky eyes. I added light contouring, soft blush, and finished with a nude gloss. Inspired by the flowy tulle on Tyla’s dress and her pretty, long hair, I chose to go with uniformed, side-swept waves, allowing the wind mess them up a bit. Since she has light eyes like myself, I used one of my favourite techniques to make them pop by adding contrast with a heavy, black, winged liner, and lashes for days. Generally, Tyla wears minimal makeup so I kept the shadow under her eyes soft, blushed her cheeks, and applied a tinted lip balm.”

The team worked with Tyla and Franky, who were willing models. Be Yvaine creating non-traditional gowns in black and white that were feminine, but modern- designed to beautifully compliment each other. The designer noting “I aimed to change the traditional rules of dress design from just cleavage or just legs as focal points of the gown. I achieved this by creating one high neck full-length gown which would then be complemented by the counter dress being the v-neck gown with the white tulle over the short black dress. This concept, although out of the traditional rules, allows balance, form, and contemporary style aesthetics. These gowns were designed with the photo shoot in mind; just like the topical relationship of same-sex couples my dresses aim to evoke conversation and show that no matter how different your ideas, beliefs or designs maybe if you bring balance, harmony and passion anything is possible.”