Top 3 Things Bridal Couples Should Know….Kevin Lue Photography

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Kevin Lue Photography
Top 3 Things Bridal Couples Should Know....Kevin Lue Photography

Deciding on my top three pieces of advice is tough, but at Kevin Lue Photography, I would say, it’s firstly good to plan but don’t plan too much – especially to the point where you forget to enjoy your own wedding!

Secondly, remember the more you plan, the more things can go wrong and the more you stress. Let it flow and sometimes it’s ok to not get it right.

I know it’s easier said than done but lastly, it’s better to enjoy the moment rather than control the moment. When the wedding is over, you can look back at the photos and reflect. Which links to why it is crucial to choose the right photographer. One you trust and feel comfortable working with and who has the ability to capture moments and little details you were too busy to pay attention to on the day.


Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such important advice about not ‘over planning’ things! Your wedding will be beautiful whatever happens – so just enjoy it!

About Kevin Lue Photography: I’m a Sydney wedding photographer, designer, artist and story teller who likes to challenge myself and tell stories from a different perspective. My motivation in photography is being able to get the audience involved and share the emotions from your special day.


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