Kesha & Mitch

Kesha and Mitch’s strikingly timeless Sydney wedding was everything they dreamed it would be – classic with just a little touch of glamour. We just adore the elegant elements of their wedding, so wonderfully captured by Kieran Moore Photography. And who doesn’t love a little drama on their wedding day? (Said no one, ever!) As we read their wedding story and got to the very end, we had to have a nervous giggle for them at the exciting turn of events!

Of how they met, Kesha remembers, “We met five years ago at a nightclub. It was later in the night when we met, and with the music so loud, we hardly talked to each other – just danced! It must’ve been Mitch’s dance moves that got me interested! Just before I was about to leave, Mitch asked for my number, but didn’t have any battery on his phone so he found a pen and asked me to write his number on him! A couple of weeks later, we went on a beautiful date to Lil Darling in Darlinghurst and the rest is history!”

The groom chose a sharp, Hugo Boss tuxedo for his wedding day attire, the bride explaining, “Mitch is in construction, so the only time he really wears suits is when he goes to weddings. I wanted him to feel as special as I did on the day, and as he has never had a reason to wear a tuxedo we thought this was the perfect opportunity!” Kesha says that one of her favourite parts of planning their wedding was suit shopping with her terribly handsome groom.

After not having much luck at numerous bridal stores, one of the bride’s friends recommended that she go to The Bridal Atelier. “I selected two dresses that I liked, but my mum wasn’t able to make that initial appointment, so I made another appointment for her to be there to help me make the final decision. We arrived a little early, and the girl before my appointment was trying on a stunning Rue De Seine dress that I found really interesting and I just wanted to see what it looked like on. As soon as I tried this dress on mum had tears in her eyes, and I felt the way that everyone says you would when you find the perfect dress. It was definitely not what I thought I would choose, but I loved it because it was so different to anything I had tried on before. The sleeves were what drew me to it because it had a slight Indian influence.”

“Our ceremony was at The Garrison in Millers Point. We chose this location because we loved the sandstone and heritage of the building,” says Kesha. The couple chose to have a traditional Anglican ceremony, and the bride walked down the aisle to the beautiful notes of Pachelbel’s in “Canon in D”, explaining that she wanted it to be soft, beautiful and classic.

“My mum had always wanted to do a floristry course, so when we got engaged she enrolled in a one so that she could make my bouquet, as well as the flowers for the bridal party and the church!” gushes Kesha. And what a stunning job the mother of the bride did, creating the lush, ivory and pink bouquets for Kesha and her bridesmaids.

Kesha and Mitch chose Kieran Moore Photography to capture their stunning day. “I had seen Kieran’s work, and just loved how beautiful his photography was. I did a bit of Instagram stalking on his page, and really liked how natural and elegant all of the photos were. Kieran and his wife Bree were fantastic on the day! They are such a great team, and so lovely to be around. It felt like they weren’t really there, but they were able to capture some great moments and that’s exactly what we wanted. We would definitely recommend them! Everyone was amazing and made us feel very special on the day, but our photographer was the stand out!”

The couple held their elegant reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art, explaining that they loved the amazing views, and that it was big enough to accomodate the party they wanted to throw to celebrate their day, and that it was really convenient for their guests to get from the church to the reception. The two of them put together the small boxes of Hershey Kisses for their guests, complete with sweet note, ” Hugs and Kisses, from the new Mr and Mrs”.

“While the wedding was classic, we wanted the cake, which was created by Tiffany Jones, to be a bit of fun! We had a raspberry layered cake, with layers of raspberry cake, vanilla frosting, dried fresh raspberries and something similar to a bounty layer, and then repeated over three tiers!”

Kesha and Mitch danced to ‘Someone Like You’ by Van Morrison for their first dance. Of how they chose their song, Kesha remembers, “We were sitting in the kitchen chatting and listening to music when it came on – we both looked at each other and we knew this was the song. We both have two left feet, so we decided to take dance lessons once a week for 8 weeks prior to the wedding. At first we were a bit hesitant about going, but after a couple of lessons we really looked forward to it. It was fun to do something together to take our minds off talking and planning the wedding.”

“I also wanted to include a father/daughter dance on the night. Our band, The Baker Boys Band, was so good! The minute we had finished our first dance, everyone was up! What we thought was a large dance floor ended up feeling small because nearly everyone was up dancing!”

And just for something a little out of the ordinary! “There was a fire alarm and we had to evacuate our reception!” laughs the bride. “At first I thought it was our best man playing a joke on us, but when the wait staff were directing our guests to the fire exit I knew it was no joke! We had to wait until the fire brigade came and cleared the building before we could go back upstairs. As everyone was coming back upstairs our MC put on “We Didn’t Start the Fire”, which made us all laugh and shed some light on an interesting situation!”

Congratulations Kesha and Mitch, and thank you for sharing your stunning day with us. Thank you also to Kieran Moore for sharing this gorgeous wedding!