Enormous red roses are just the beginning of what I have fallen in love with for this shoot of dramatic glam bridal ideas with red roses. A hairpiece that is dramatic as it is breathtaking, of fresh blooms in shades of red and white becomes the statement, adding a sense of avant garde glamour to a laid back country location. Beautifully crafted gowns compliment the bouquet which blends seamlessly – with more blooms in yellow and vivid purple.

The talented Flowers By Julia Rose teamed up with photographer Lyndal Carmichael Photography, makeup artist The Beauty Case and model Gabby Lennon with incredible gowns from MXM Couture . Also designing the concept, Julia tells “My world is often inspired by “Mother Nature” herself. Wild Rambling and fun. This piece was created for a spring edition and more so the challenge of being able to make something glorious stand tall ….all whilst holding a bird”.

And while the stunning floral pieces may be made for imagination purposes only, I can’t help but want to see a future bride (or groom!) wear something equally as unexpected down the aisle.