Behind The Door With....Jasmine Fraser

A sparkly engagement ring often marks the beginning of a couple’s journey toward married bliss, and this week on ‘Behind The Door With’ I’m thrilled to be meeting a designer of such sparkly things, Jasmine Fraser. Jasmine grew up with a family history of jewellers and her great grandparents owned a jewellery store, so it’s little surprise that Jasmine decided this was the career for her!

After completing her apprenticeship Jasmine went on to start her own business in 2006. Having owned her own business for over ten years Jasmine certainly is a pro when it come to designing and creating special pieces of jewellery.

Jasmine Fraser Fine Handcrafted Jewellery has been located in Melbourne’s CBD for the past nine years and last year Jasmine made the change to her new studio and meeting space on the 9th floor of an historic century building where she loves the abundance of natural light so important for creating her beautiful pieces. “I absolutely love the new space,” says Jasmine; “the natural light makes all the difference.” After ripping up the carpet, which wasn’t suitable for a jeweller, Jasmine set about turning the space into a workshop with a beautiful waiting and meeting space for clients.

I love the calm “day spa” feel the mint coloured walls give the space and the freshness that the plants add. Couples can relax on lounges while waiting to see Jasmine and I love that she has bridal mags to flip through! Down the back is the open plan studio space where Jasmine and another jeweller work; it’s great that it’s open so couples can get a glimpse of where their special pieces are created.

Jasmine tells me that she loves working in the inner city, especially since the studio is surrounded by many of her suppliers in what she calls the “jewellery hub”. “It’s very convenient for clients to visit as we are so centrally located,” says Jasmine, “I love working in the city.” The only downside is that parking can sometimes be tricky but Jasmine says that most couples don’t have too many problems. I imagine it’s also easy for sneaky grooms to be to able pop in on a lunch break without creating any suspicion from their brides to be!

Jasmine tells me that she is hoping to host a launch or party in the space in the future and that she loves how many customers come back to her for other special milestone occasions like babies and anniversaries – what a fantastic job to have!

Images  by Jasmine Fraser , Georgia Bourke Photography and Ashley Gasperino

Ms Chinoiserie Says: I love the soft green walls too; being in the middle of the bustling city certainly adds to the creative feel of the beautiful studio too!

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