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How did the preppy style come about? It originated from a subculture of upper class youths in northeastern America, fifty years or so ago. Most of the youths attended universities of the prestigious Ivy League, like Brown, Harvard and Yale, and their dress sense consisted of clean and classic tailored pieces with sporty influences.

For engagement parties or smart honeymoon style, you can pull off the modern preppy look in so many different ways, with almost zero effort! Keep reading, for my tips:

1. Instead of going for a regular dress shirt to go under your blazer, try a polo shirt. It will instantly give your formal look a whole new dynamic. I suggest a navy blazer and an electric blue polo shirt, because the colour contrast is not too extreme – and it looks great!

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2. Jazz up a basic shirt and blazer combo by wearing a light knitted jumper, such as a cable knit, over the shirt. Even if you take off the blazer, you’ll still be looking preppy. Grey on grey or blue on blue are on-trend options you could explore!

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3. Flaunt a repp tie – an iconic preppy tie that has diagonal stripes. It has thankfully evolved and now comes in more colours than just the original royal blue and gold. It’s possible not to look like a literal college student! You can’t go wrong with this BOSS navy and wine repp tie.

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4. Rolled up chinos paired with a variety of shoes including lace-ups and boat shoes, without socks, screams preppy! The brighter the shades, the more the preppy. Sandy chinos and white lace-ups are the ultimate preppy match.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: For a super suave, dressed up look that is so on-trend at the moment, the preppy look is effortlessly chic!